Malapascua cliff jump – Taking a leap of faith.

I can never forget that time when I jumped off a plank in Boljo-on and I suddenly had butterflies all over my stomach. Remembering it made me think if I should try jumping off a 50ft cliff. Challenging as it may seem, that is the primary reason why I went to Malapascua and there is no point backing out.

mother of cliffs


This activity is part of the island-hopping package we got. And there is no any other way to get to this cliff, but by boat. When we reach the site, it required us to swim on shallow waters and climb. Upon reaching the top of the cliff, it was when doubts started to cloud my mind. It was a shame since I had like three attempts before I convinced myself that it will never hurt me. I was pressured and scared, but eventually, I have let it go.

I can do it. Fool yourself Kenny.
For how many times I have count 1,2,3 but never jumped.

I was already thinking of all the curse words to shout, but the moment I jumped I wasn’t able to utter a word. And for that two seconds of my life, I felt like I was Superman. The jump gave me a natural high and I was able to feel the adrenaline rushed through my body. For the record, it was the longest 2 seconds of my life.

After that something-I-believe-to-be-a-death-defying-experience, I learned two important lessons. One from a friend who taught me that in order for me to conquer something, I have to overpower my fear with curiosity. And lastly, it may not be easy, but you will have to take a leap of faith for you to experience that wonderful feeling of letting go.

Tip: When jumping take a leap then make sure to straighten your body when hitting the water to lessen the impact.

A travel NO-NO: Don’t dare leaving without a fully-charged camera. We learned our lesson and we had to pay for it by not having any photos of us jumping off the cliff.


On how to get there, you may check my entry: Travel Guide to Malapascua.


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