Aaaaaaah Malapascua!

It has been on the top of my list to visit Malapascua and try jumping off a 50ft cliff. With a little persuasion, I was able to convince my batch mates to join me in this little Summer getaway. May 5, 2012, we braved the unkown and journeyed our way to Malapascua. We went relying solely on information we got from the internet. We had no accommodation, but we brought with us a tent in case we will not be able to look for a place to stay.

According to WikiPilipinas, “Malapascua Island is a Philippine island located about 8 kilometers off the coast of northern Cebu, west of Leyte. The island is a popular tourist destination because of its white, sandy beaches, and is favored by divers as an excellent site for spotting thresher sharks and exploring historic wrecks.”

Malapascua is a Spanish word which means “unfortunate Christmas.” Spaniards gave that name when they landed on the said island one stormy Christmas day.

30 minutes more Malapascua

On our way to the island we were asked by a lady if we already have a place to stay, and she offered for us to stay on the resort where she was working. It was a good deal since we got their Backpacker’s room for only Php 600 with free wi-fi, free use of the resort’s computer, free use of pool, billiards and table tennis.

Raymund wins!
looking for some affordable room rates?

We head our way to the resort and enjoy its privileges. After hours of back-flipping and bumming around the pool, we decided to hit the beach. Unfortunately that time it was low tide, and there were a lot of sea urchins. I was a bit disappointed not until I have seen Malapascua’s sunset. It was jaw-droppingly beautiful and the orgy of colors was simply breathtaking.

simply breathtaking

We spent the night with stories and booze. We were carefree and the feeling itself brought me to the time where I was like a college student losing myself after an exhausting final exam. We were loud, we were crazy, we were running around the beach area as if we own the whole island.

The following day, we went snorkeling. Our first stop was at the Coral Garden. I wasn’t able to see a variety of corals, maybe because I was too busy swimming with the fishes and looking for “Nemo“, a clown fish. My mind was preoccupied that time that I wasn’t aware where I took myself. After minutes of submerging my head underwater and snorkeling around the area, I found myself to be too far from where our boat was. I was struggling and at the same time trying to catch some air while paddling and swimming back to my friends. I was honestly thinking of it being my last day, but I push myself. I kept on swimming, paddling and doing every means to survive. I could have died at that paradise, but I remembered that I still got a bucket of things to cross-out. To make the long story short, I survived.

getting ready for some underwater adventure
Kenny almost drown himself

The next stop was the 50ft cliff. The one that I have been dying to try, not knowing that I could die trying it. I was literally shaking at the edge of that cliff. No matter how hard I condition myself, I couldn’t just let go of my feet. For my whole cliff jumping experience, you can read it here: Malapascua Cliff Jump –  Taking a Leap of Faith.

i was too chicken at first

Lastly, we went snorkeling at a Japanese shipwreck. Nothing fancy here but the site is a paradise for free-divers and scuba divers. Our boatman told us that it was once a Philippine cargo ship that was confiscated by the Japanese and later on bombed by Gen. McArthur. Now, that’s history.

on our way to the sunken ship

After three hours of pure bliss, we packed our things and headed back home. Every time I remember that moment of mine jumping off a cliff, almost drowning at the Coral Garden and those failed drunken nights, that brought back the memories and it always left me uttering the words, “Aaaaah Malapascua.”


If you are interested to visit Cebu’s Boracay, you can check my Travel Guide to Malapascua.


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