Salagdoong Beach and my failed attempt to cliff jump.

For our last stop, Kuya Jun brought us at Salagdoong Beach – a government owned resort that is famous for its cliff diving, and postcard worthy landscape. True to what I have seen prior to going there, the place was really beautiful. Being the frequently visited beach in Siquijor, Salagdoong boasts its white sand, pristine waters and extreme water activities.

Siquijor’s pride – Salagdoong Beach Resort

If you plan to stay, here are the rates (all in Philippine peso as of 2012):

Entrance fee: 15 – adult / 10 – children (below 10 yrs. old)

Cottage: 100

Nippa Cottage: 300

Swimming Pool: 80 – adult / 40 – kids

If you are planning to have an overnight stay, they also have rooms available.

Duplex A,B,C and D (3pax): 1,600

Duplex E and F (5pax): 3,500

Dormitory (16pax): 5,000

Or you can also check in at nearby Hotel Agripino. For the total list of rates, click here.

there it goes again

I was too excited upon seeing the ledge and the slides, but I didn’t know what was with me that time. I should’ve gained a lot of courage since I was able to jump twice from a plank in Boljoon and I was able to defy a 50ft cliff. Shame on me. Shame on me, big time.


Moment of truth.

I was at Salagdoong’s ledge. And I was there sweating bullets. My hands were shaking and my feet were trembling. The thought of jumping off a cliff crossed my mind, but I never thought that it would feel like the first time again.

to jump or not to jump

I could’ve had a strike, but again I was too chicken. I just opted to try the slide, but it was too dry that I had a hard time pushing myself and I ended up just swimming and letting the sun kiss my skin. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed of myself.

crystal clear water
younger sister did it

Minutes after, I again had thoughts of jumping, that time I ask my younger sister to try it with me. The surprising thing was, she was never hesitant though she asked me to go first. After several attempts, I was again a failure. So she decided to go first. There were no signs of hesitations and being scared from her and that made me jealous. I wish I was that brave, but, anyways, Malapascua’s cliff was enough. Afterall, it was a 50 ft. cliff.


It was too hot during our stay that after a couple of minutes, we decided to leave and get ready for our trip to Cebu. Salagdoong, I still have got my eyes on you. I will muster enough courage and I will definitely go back. This time, there will be no doubts.

Here I go again, easier said than done :p


8 Comments Add yours

  1. gelaikuting says:

    aww… this is one of my bucket list bro. Ang sad naman, I think I will do the same 😦 Hopefully, I can survived jumping on a cliff 🙂 AJA!

    1. Kenneth says:

      I’ve tried it once in Malapascua and the fact that it’s much more higher than the one in Salagdoong made me curl in shame. But hopefully, I can try this one again. It was one of the best experience. You can do it!

  2. gliezel says:

    i just jumped off the cliff yesterday…. FEELS GREAT!!! 🙂 no regrets at all

    1. Kenneth says:

      I envy you. I hope I was as courageous as you before. Thanks for dropping by 😀

  3. Lhounhie Phen says:

    HAHAHA, why you can’t jump kenneth? It feels good when you jump there .. IT FEELS LIKE HEAVEN 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      I know. I know. Maybe because Malapascua’s 50ft cliff scared the hell out of me. And that alone is enough parang ayoko na tumalon pa ulit. But surely it was fun.

  4. Lhounhie Phen says:

    See you salagdoong on MAY 23 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      I can sense your excitement. I want to see you jumping off that board. :p

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