At world’s end – Siquijor.

So where exactly is the end of the world? And if given the chance, will you go there or even stay there? Fortunately, my siblings and I were able to do so. We had a great time and we were able to go back home safe and sound.

inside the end of the world

End of the world, is Ate Lorna’s beach rooms located at San Juan, Siquijor. For 400php, one can already have a place to stay and use the beach room equipment for free. Together with her husband Herbert, they ran this business for almost five years already. Prior to going there, we already informed Ate Lorna via text message that we will be staying for a night. And she promptly responded and confirmed our reservation.

Upon arriving at the port of Siquijor, we took a short tricycle ride all the way to the end of the world. We were greeted by a cute little signage that says, “Welcome Come in.” We rang the doorbell a couple of times thinking that maybe no one was around since no one bothered to answer our call. After 2-3 minutes, we were welcomed by this petite lady with her warm infectious smile. And boom, we met the Queen of the End of the World.

our bed

We stayed at one of their rooms with a kitchen for an extra 100php. It is a typical room that is good for two, but Ate Lorna didn’t bother to charge us for the extra person. The room was spacious, and the best thing is we had our own kitchen and bathroom. Some may find it amusing since only a shower curtain separates the bathroom to the rest of the room itself.

Ate Lorna and her husband Herbert

We had some small talk with Ate Lorna, and she told us that it was her husband’s idea to name it as end of the world. Not a bad one, since it was the reason why we were tempted to stay.

Siquijor Tourism Map

Ate Lorna was also enthusiastic to share Siquijor’s top destinations and information regarding the ferry schedule. She even posted Siquijor’s tourism map on one of the doors and also the boat schedule to help her guests.

What makes LEOTW stand out? Aside from its name, it is the reasonable price and the couple’s genuine hospitality. It may not be as grand as other homestays but you will definitely feel at home at Lorna’s.

For those who are interested, you can contact Ate Lorna at +639273816377 . Lorna’s End of the World Beach Rooms offers beachfront rooms at affordable rates. It is located in Lala-o, San Juan, Siquijor where the beautiful sun sets over the beach of San Juan.


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