Seven hours to Kawasan

Osmena’s done, now we are getting ready for a seven hour trek to Kawasan Falls. I am aware that we are going to encounter a lot of adversaries so I prepare myself and stuff up all the things I need.

Water – check.

Power bars – check.

Get rid off the big tent – check.

Now, I’m all set.

Kawasan baby!

Before we start, we made sure that we are going to leave the site just like the way it was when we arrived. We fixed our tents, cleaned all the trash then we prayed for a safe trek.

Day 2: Traverse to Kawasan.

The traverse was not a joke, we passed through a lot of rocky and slippery trail. And Mantolongon, being the Vegetable Basket of Cebu really boasts its line of fresh vegetables just along the trail.

First resting station.

We had several stops for us to take time to rest for 5 minutes the most. Good thing was, there’s quite a number of stores on our way. After two hours, we reached the first water source and I quickly satisfy my thirst. By then, we were just down by two hours, and we were not even that close yet.

How many hours more?
currently on the first place, real-life couple Adrian and girlfriend. XD

To make fun out of what we were doing, I imagined it to be like the Amazing Race. I also tried walking backwards on a downhill slope and throw jokes on some of my friends. It was after almost six hours, when we reached the chapel. It was the sign that we were just an hour away from the falls. We rested for a while and we even had some coconut.


run Kenny run!

It seems so close yet so far. We were already in the mountains of  Brgy. Matutinao, Badian where the three-level cascade of Kawasan lies but I can’t still hear any signs of it being closer to us. We were all dripping in sweat, exhausted and almost running out of water.

Kenny’s tired but there’s no reason for him not to smile

I was tired and it was written all over my face. That time, I could already imagine myself being rejuvenated by the waters of the falls. Oh, heavens. When all of a sudden, I heard someone shouting. I knew right then that that was it. Finally, I saw a glimpse of a clear blue basin ahead of me and I was like asdaffgdsgkjhdg.

after seven hours
ooohh sweet Jesus!

A certain feeling of euphoria hit me. I relaxed my body for a while and with no time to waste, I changed my clothes and took a dip. It was great having a rush of ice cool water hit your back. Again I was like assdsfsdfdg. After taking a bath, we made our way down to see the entirety of the falls. From level three to one, every stop was just beautiful. Level one has the largest waterfall where you can have your picture taken on a raft.

Kawasan – level one.

Kawasan has cottages, tables and rooms for rent. For the prices you can check their website here. Along the way, there are also souvenir shops where you can find items crafted by locals for a very affordable price.


If you are not keen on trekking for seven hours from Osmena Peak to Kawasan, you might just head up to Cebu South Bus Terminal.

Take a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal to Matutinao, Badian and ask the driver to drop you at Matutinao Church. Travel time takes 2 hours or more. From Matutinao Church, you can start your trek going to the first level of falls. Easy, right?

Sample Itinerary: 

3:00 AM – ETD from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Matutinao, Badian

5:30 AM – ETA Matutinao Church

5:45 AM – Start trek

6:00 AM – Kawasan Falls

1:00 PM – Back to Cebu City

Activities: Now, canyoneering is a big hit in Badian and you might as well want to try jumping off of waterfalls and sliding your way down to the end point.


Bus fare: 130-150 php

Entrance fee: 10 php

::Photo credits to Olaso Sensei, Ms. Amper and Mary Kris.


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    1. Kenneth says:

      but it’s worth the trek.

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