Dear PHL360,

There was this time in my life when I was bored and alone in my room. I have got nothing to do, and so I decided to check on one of my favorite travel blogs online. I was rummaging through his posts until a certain logo at the side of his blog caught my attention. Enticed of what it could be, I clicked on it and I was directed to

Since the start you’ve already captured my heart. (c) PHL360

The idea of documenting the travel of eight unique personas grouped into two embarking on a journey through the northern, southern, eastern and western Philippine archipelago excite me. Thinking that it was a first in the Philippines and it will bring some of my favorite travelers on screen was more than enough reason for me. Then my obsession started. Since the launching and presentation of the casts I was there. Okay, I may not be there physically but I know, in my mind and in my heart I was there.

Guys, you’ve been an inspiration. (c) PHL360

For someone like me, a newbie in this traveling world. A neophyte and an amateur in the blogosphere, I find inspiration in each of their characters. Each episode enabled me to see a portion of myself. Cheesy as it may sound but the show helped me in so many ways. My passion for traveling was intensified. I came to know that when you travel, it’s not just about you lounging on a posh hotel room, it’s not about being there. It’s more of immersing yourself in a culture you never knew, it’s about how you get there.

This is where it started (c) PHL360

To the crew, staff and the casts… thank you. Thank you for bringing us joy every Thursday. For taking us to places we only get to see on pictures for now. For showing us that Philippines is a great place to travel. Chichi, you will always be my favorite among the rest. Kuya Robert and Monette, you two are my favorite pair. Of all the episodes, episode 9 for me is the most commendable. But all in all, I will miss everyone.

Season 1 Finale Party (c) PHL360

I have been with you since the very start and I wouldn’t surely miss how it will end. It’s breaking my heart but I know that there will be another successful season after this.  I will join you guys for the last trip of this season at 10A Alabama. I don’t know where it is but I will brave the unknown. I will muster up all my courage just to meet the cast and the crew. I will be there.

From your number one fan,



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