Travel Guide to Mt. Batulao

Wondering what to do on a boring weekend? Do you love the outdoors? Ever wanted to try a new hobby? If yes, then you better call your friends, put on your hiking shoes, be a mountain hermit for a day and plan a day hike at Mt. Batulao.

Mt.Batulao ridges - view from the Old trail
Mt.Batulao ridges – view from the Old trail

Mt. Batulao, located just in Nasugbu, Batangas a short two hour bus ride from the Metro is one of the suggested mountains for beginners because of its minor specification. There are two trails to choose from, the Old and the New one, and you can choose whether to take the former or the latter first. Upon arrival at the summit, you will be able to have a good view of Batangas and its neighboring cities.

this is close to where Mt. Batulao is famous for
this is close to what Mt. Batulao is famous for


If you will only be there for a day, you don’t need to bring the world with you. Here are some things that you need to bring to conquer Mt. Batulao:

First things, first – water and lot’s of it. For a dayhike, it is suggested that you bring 1.5-2L of water. You may want to bring sun block as well and this is based on experience. But if you want to get a tan then you can leave the work to Mr. Sun. Shades or anything that can cover your eyes. Mt. Batulao have some sandy portions and you don’t want those tiny piece of sands to hit your eyes. Headlamps, just in case darkness catch you. And money, for the registration fees. Power bars are optional.

How to get there:

1. Take a bus going to Nasugbu, Batangas. The new terminal is located at Coastal Mall and all Nasugbu-bound buses can be found there.

Update: Buses from Pasay Taft still operates and you can find the terminal still at the back of Mcdonalds.

2. Get off at Evercrest Golf Course and you can hike all the way to the jump-off or rent a trike for 25php per person.

a quick stop for a "halo-halo" and buko (c)LonelyTravelogue
a quick stop for a “halo-halo” and buko (c)LonelyTravelogue

There are guides and you can haggle with them when it comes to the rate. But when we went there, they were asking for 500php and since some of us are already familiar with the trail, we decided to do it on our own.

There are stores that sells, “halo-halo” or buko juice for Php25 so there’s no need to worry about getting dehydrated.


P120.00 below: Bus fare from Coastal Mall to Evercrest or P105.00 bus from Pasay Taft to Evercrest

P25.00 optional trike ride from Evercrest to jump off point

P300.00 for kid guides but it is optional as well

P20.00: Registration at the Old Trail (dayhike) or P30.00 if planning to stay overnight

P20.00: Registration at the New Trail

P98: bus fare from Crossing Mendez to Baclaran (this one is from Crossing Mendez since we did a side trip to Tagaytay)

You can take a shower or any bathroom needs you have at Evercrest before going home and fees are as follows:

Shower: 25php

Ihi: 5php

Tae: 10php


We had a post climb dinner at Bulalo Point and we did chip-in for the food. But if you can descend quickly and you wanted to hit the beach, you better hit Nasugbu. You can as well do a twin day hike by climbing Mt. Talamitam, Batulao’s neighbor mountain.

For the account of my climb in Mt. Batulao, you can check: Bloggers’ Climb: Wow for Mt. Batulao



34 Comments Add yours

  1. Jherson Jaya says:

    next is Mt. Gulugod Baboy =)

    1. Kenneth says:

      I’ve got another mountain to conquer this February. Mt. Gulugod Baboy for your Birthday Climb!

  2. Kelly Rogers says:

    Hi. Is this near the Mountain of Salvation? I heard that it’s in Batangas. I better browse for a vacation in the Philippines.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Kelly! Both Mountain of Salvation and Mt. Batulao is in Batangas. Mountain of Salvation is specifically located in Calaca, Batulao and Mt. Batulao is in Nasugbu. Yes, they’re near each other. Mt. Batulao is visible from the Mountain of Salvation.

  3. noime says:

    Sino po may akyat ngayong march?

    1. Kenneth says:

      I do know a friend who’s going to Mt. Batulao this March 8 kaso he is with his officemates. Do you want to tag along with them?

    2. Rene Cordova says:

      kami po ng kaibigan ko nagbabalak sa march 29

      1. Kenneth says:

        Enjoy the trek Sir.

  4. noime says:

    Minor lang po.

    1. Kenneth says:

      I do have one this March kaso it is a Nasugbu Trilogy. We will be climbing 3 mountains. If you’re interested, tell me.

  5. red says:

    Anong name nung bus terminal sa mrt edsa taft ang byaheng nasugbu? Existing pa ba yan ngayon? Akyat kasi kami bukas.Salamat

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks for the question. I forgot to update this entry with regards to the current changes in bus routes plying Nasugbu. All bus bound to Nasgubu is now located at the Coastal Mall Provincial Bus Terminal.

  6. red says:

    Salamat sa heads up sir.

    1. Kenneth says:

      you’re welcome! Enjoy Mt. Batulao 🙂

  7. jezamyn says:

    to hike, do they require a permit or anything?

    1. Kenneth says:

      No requirements needed. You just need to present yourself, pay the fees and off you go 🙂

  8. Rene Cordova says:

    how to get there in mt. batulao?

    1. Kenneth says:

      It is written in this page Sir,
      “How to get there:

      1. Take a bus going to Nasugbu, Batangas. The new terminal is located at Coastal Mall and all Nasugbu-bound buses can be found there.

      2. Get off at Evercrest Golf Course and you can hike all the way to the jump-off or rent a trike for 25php per person.”

  9. Mayel says:

    pwede po ba mag hike 3 lang kami?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, Mayel 🙂 Kayang-kaya yan.

      1. Mayel says:

        thanks po:))

      2. Kenneth says:

        You are welcome Mayel! 🙂

  10. eyri says:

    May contact po kayo ng guide dun?gusto ko umakyay kahit mag isa lang..kaso kailangan ko ng okay na guidr hehrhe salamat sir!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Sorry for the late response. There are kiddie guides at the base of the mountain. I don’t have any of their contact information pero andun lang din naman sila.

      You’re welcome po 🙂

  11. ingkay says:

    i really want to go there ❤

    1. Kenneth says:

      You’ll get there. Believe in what you want to accomplish 🙂

  12. hi! ask ko lang if meron bang pwedeng rentahan ng tents and cooking ware sa area?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Tents possible but for cooking wares and equipments, I doubt po. :/

  13. rg says:

    cnu po aayat ng july pwd po mki join sa team nyo: )

  14. rg says:

    cnu po aakyat ng july pwd po mki join sa team nyo: )

  15. Jamaica says:

    Good day! My friend and is planning to hike this coming Sunday. Do you know what time is the first trip bound to Batulao? Gusto po kasi naming ma experience ang sunsrise. Dayhike lang po kami. Thank you very much.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Sorry for the late response as I was out of the country. For the first trip usually alam ko 2am pero not sure of it.

  16. Jimmel says:

    Good day! Im planning to hike this saturday. Okay lang ba umakyat don kahit walang guide? It will be my first time and solo lang. At pag baba po ba ng bus malalaman na po ba kung san yung jump off?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Jimmel, guides are optional before, d ko lang alam ngayon. Yes, pagbaba mo Evercrest, lakad nlg.

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