Things to do in Tutuban

When it comes to ultimate Pinoy shopping experience, one place comes to mind – Divisoria. And Tutuban Mall, a cluster of malls just located within CM Recto Avenue can offer you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Complete from shirts to pants to shoes to bags to accessories – name it and get it for a good reasonably price. So unleash the inner bargain hunter in you. Check on great deals and best value for your money. Take off those fancy shoes for a day and head on to Tutuban.

from what a PNR station originally
from what a PNR station originally

Being a commercial center and being geographically close to famous landmarks in the Metro, there are other things that you can do in Divisoria. Aside from the usual shopping experience, here are MrBratpacker’s list of must-see, must-try and must-taste.

How to get there: You can take the LRT Line 2 and get off at CM Recto Station, from there you can take a jeepney or a trike to Tutuban. You can also hire a taxi  for convenience but for a much more fun alternative, take the PNR (Philippine National Railway) train bound to Tutuban.

sorry lady guard, I had no idea that this is not allowed :)
sorry lady guard, I had no idea that this is not allowed 🙂

PNR Train Station Experience

It does not only provide the cheapest way to places in the Metro. The PNR Train, is more than just a mode of transportation, it is history itself. Built over a hundred years, the PNR Train Station served one important role to Filipino guerillas.

:: Riding the PNR is one of the things that you need to try, but better be ready facing an enormous crowd during the rush hour. Secure your things and find a better spot.

few of those things you can find in Tutuban
few of those things you can find in Tutuban

Tutuban Center Night Market

It offers non-stop shopping from sun rise to sun down and sun rise again. Yes, you have seen it right – it is shopping ’til you drop. The Night Market starts as early as 6PM and ends as late as 5AM so flexibility-wise you can go there anytime you want. From over 330 stalls taking over the area around Tutuban Mall you will surely have some good finds.

mouth-watering, right?
BBQ’S! mouth-watering, right?

Tutuban Food Strip

Tired and hungry from an all-night/all-day shopping extravaganza? Fret not,  just beside Tutuban Center Mall lies the Tutuban Food Strip. The place is spacious and is good for a family or group of friends. Foods are served from choices of inihaw, sugba and tola.

and the award for the best actors and actresses goes to
and the award for the best actors and actresses goes to …

Tutuban Virtual Zoo

Relive your youth, be a kid at heart again and cam-whore with your friends at Tutuban’s latest addition – the Virtual Zoo. It is a zoo like no other displaying 12 3D figures of life-size animals. The admission is free and the virtual zoo is located at what was before the Cinema Area, at the 4th level of Tutuban Mall.

a Chinese offering his prayer and paying his respect
a Chinese offering his prayer and paying his respect

Seng Guan Temple

Considered as one of the most beautiful temples here in the Philippines, the Seng Guan Temple in Narra St. is just few steps away from Tutuban. The temple is being adorned in gold accents, Buddha statues and artworks that made it more magnificently amazing.

not only the oldest but also one of the best
not only the oldest but also one of the best

Binondo Food Trip

Binondo is just blocks away from Tutuban and you can drop by any minute and indulge yourself in delicious Chinese food. Binondo being famous for being the oldest Chinatown in the world is also the home of tasty fried siopao and authentic Chinese noodles. Tried the Binondo Food Trip experience once and it was really uber fun.

century-old Binondo church
century-old Binondo church

Binondo Church 

Founded by the Dominican priests in the late 1500’s stands the Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz or commonly known as the Binondo Church. It is located in Binondo just in front of Plaza Calderon. Lorenzo Ruiz, the patron of the Basilica is the first Filipino saint honored by the Catholic Church.  

And to tell you, you can cross everything here in just as little as 24 hours. With just a few bucks in your pocket and a little courage to brave the streets of Divisoria, you will be able to experience what Manila really is. No sweat eh?

MrBratpacker - Orion HotelThanks to Orion Hotel and Tutuban Mall for hosting this, Experience Tutuban Event held last February 15-16, 2013.

Visit Tutuban Mall’s website | Like them on Facebook

Visit Orion Hotel’s website |  Like them on Facebook | Follow on Twitter


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