Orion Hotel – A Review

Strategically located in the heart of Divisoria – the bargain hunting and shopping capital of Metro Manila, Orion Hotel provides convenience and a cozy atmosphere to those who seeks refuge after a non-stop shopping spree. A perfect escape since it is just within the city, but the feel is as if you are far from the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city life.

Welcome to Orion
Welcome to Orion

Orion hotel is a 2.5 star hotel located at the 3rd floor of Prime Block Building, Tutuban Center. No matter what your business is, Orion’s guests are assured of an experience worth their money.

the beaded masterpiece that caught my eyes
the masterpiece that caught my eyes

When we got there, we were welcomed by Orion’s hospitable hotel staff and a complimentary glass of iced tea. Surely, a great way to start our stay. We were then handed our key cards and we were escorted to our rooms. The moment I opened my room, that was the time when I was really surprised. A bottle of wine and a box of heart-shaped donuts welcomed me. Still love is in the air eh?

post-Valentines treat
post-Valentines treat

The room was big and spacious enough, complete with a cabinet that houses the safe and a mini fridge, it has its own mini bar beside your working table, and the shower room. Just in front of your bed lies the cable TV and it isn’t just a TV for it’s a flat screen one. There will also be no hassle looking up for channels since there is a channel guide just beside your bed.

MrBratpacker - Orion Hotel

One of the things that I’m particular with whenever I’m on a staycation, is the bed, I always make sure that I will be comfortable in it and fortunately, Orion did not disappoint. The covers were clean and fragrant. I have with me two big pillows to accompany me that night and a blanket to keep me warm.

le bed and le toiletries
le bed and le toiletries

Every hotel should have a clean comfort room and that is what I’m looking forward as well with each of my stay. And Orion’s toilet and hot and cold shower room is spotless. Give me a book and I could stay there forever. It is the perfect place to release the bathroom singer in you.

some of those 41 rooms
some of those 41 rooms

Lastly, yes there is wifi. Rejoice social networking addicts, you will be able to upload a photo of your stay in Orion on Instagram, you can check in on FourSquare and become the Mayor, you can post a status on your Facebook on how much you are enjoying your stay and you can tweet it in the Twitterverse using hashtags like “#MainggitKayoNasaOrionAko

Orion Hotel is like a budget inn with a sprinkle of luxury. Treat yourself with comfort and experience Orion. You don’t need to spend more to have more.

MrBratpacker - Orion Hotel

Thanks Ms. Anna Ting and Ms. Rica Claveria of Orion Hotel and Mr. Jhaycee Ron Olaira of Tutuban Mall for hosting this, Experience Tutuban Event held last February 15-16, 2013.

Visit Tutuban Mall’s website | Like them on Facebook

Visit Orion Hotel’s website |  Like them on Facebook | Follow on Twitter

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