Travel Guide to Borawan

Aside from the number of things you can do and the number of beaches you can go to, Quezon’s proximity to Manila makes it one hit beach destination in Luzon. Borawan in particular, the famous amongst the beaches in Basiao is one sight to see. Oftentimes compared to that of Boracay’s sand and of Palawan’s limestones hence the name Borawan was coined.

Borawan's signature Nipa huts
Borawan’s signature Nipa huts

If you happen to see this beach in photographs, if you happen to dream of going to this place, and if you wanted to make that dream into a reality, I have made a travel guide just for you.

Itinerary – This one’s can be based on your availability, and if you would want to have some side trip to other neighboring beaches.

*flexible and may depend on what you want
*flexible and may depend on what you want

How to get there – Take a bus bound to Lucena, travel will take you around 3 and a half hours to 4. From Lucena Grand Terminal, take a bus bound to Padre Burgos. Ask the driver to drop you off at Basiao junction. From there, you can rent a trike or walk your way to the beach where your boatman can take you to the island.

Side trip – Hit three birds with one stone. Try visiting Borawan’s neighboring beaches like Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin. Plan on what beach to go first or where to set up your camp. You can check my entry Borawan vs. Dampalitan vs. Puting Buhangin for this, in case you are torn which among the three is the best choice.

locals in Basiao thrive for fishing and we saw a couple during our way to the island (c) Eugene
locals in Basiao thrive for fishing and we saw a couple during our way to the island (c) Eugene

Expenses – For less than 2000 all-inclusive, you can already have a good tan. In our case we did it for less than 1500 php. No need to spend more to have more.

And for our Expenses, here is the list:

Transportation: 210 (Bus from Buendia to Lucena) + 35 (Mini bus from Lucena Grand Terminal to Padre Burgos) * 2 for the Round trip = 490 PHP.

Boat Rental: Varies on the islands you wish to visit. If you would want to go to Borawan solely, it is 800 PHP. If you want Borawan + Dampalitan, it is for 1200 PHP. And lastly, if you want Borawan + Dampalitan + Puting Buhangin, you can have it for 1800 PHP.

:: Now here’s a secret, we were able to have Borawan + Dampalitan + Puting Buhangin for only 1600 PHP. The thing is, we rented two boats.

Entrance: The management requires an entrance of 80 PHP in Borawan.

Camp fee:  200 PHP per tent. You can also rent a tent in there if you don’t have one.

:: Note that food is not included since this can be based with the number of travelers.

Borawan Island's rate
Borawan Island’s rate (c) Val

Things to bring – All you need are: your friends, a pocket money, a camera, liters of water and a sun block. And for those who wish to stay overnight,  an insect repellent may come in handy.

Best time to visit – Anytime of the year except November to December or during the typhoon season and that is according to Borawan’s caretaker. But the best time is always during Summer.

Contact Person – For the boat ride, contact Ate Vanessa at 09151067594 or 09094001022. For Borawan, contact Mar at 09214618726 or Allan at 09204133127.

Note: The water could get a little murky at times. And be careful of jellyfish’s sting.

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  1. Lovely, serene Borawan… Ang saya lalo na pag makukulit mga kasama… 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Good thing is we had the whole place for our group maybe that adds up to Borawan being lovely and serene. At oo nga, ang saya at ang kulit nating lahat don. Cheers to more travels!

    2. Viki says:

      We’ve been in padre burgos,quezon this may 6-7 and we loved our stay!i hope we can go back in the future.

      I highly recommend sir ron!aside from the bounty delicious food they’s how they handle their clients i really appreciated. It’s their warm smiles and hospitality that really counts for me.

      1. Kenneth says:

        I’m glad that you have enjoyed Borawan through Sir Ron’s team.

      2. Geenie says:

        Hi, do you have any contact number of your guide/contact person? and if you can give me an estimate of around how much we need to spend. will really appreciate it. thank you. 🙂

      3. Kenneth says:

        The contact number of Sir Ron is 09496362087.

  2. gelaikuting says:

    grabe! gusto ko bumalik agad…. nakakamiss!!! #TeamBorawan #TeamDampalitan

    1. Kenneth says:

      Let’s plan for the next trip, most probably first quarter of 2014.

  3. Czarina says:

    Hi sir, question lang po. per person po ba yung rate nung boat? thanks 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      No, per group na po yun. Bale you’re just going to divide it to the number of person that you are going with 🙂

      1. jho says:

        Ask lang po kung ilan yung capacity nung bangka.. And pang ilang person na yung 1800?

      2. Kenneth says:

        10 person. depending on your boat guide, sometimes you can go as far as 11-12.

  4. DJ says:

    Thank you for the guide! Question though, may idea ka kung saan pwede mag-park if ever magdadala kami ng sasakyan instead of taking the bus from Manila?

    Kudos on the blog nga pala! Bookmarked you for the travel-guides. Keep it up!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Before heading to the beach dun sa kung saan kayo sasakay na ng bangka, there is a space there I just don’t know if it’s open for parking. To verify you can contact Kuya Mar at 09214618726 or Kuya Allan at 09204133127 or better yet sa mga boat men at 09151067594 or 09094001022. Mababait ang mga tao dun and I experienced it first-hand.

      Thanks DJ! Appreciate it. I’ll try to update this blog and provide helpful travel guides as long as I have the time and inspiration to write.

      1. Ysa says:

        Hi ! Para po sa inyong inquiries about sa Tour to Borawan, Dampalitan Padre Burgos ,Quezon Maaari po kayong tumawag sa Tourism and Information Office 0922879274O or 09328911566

      2. Kenneth says:

        Thanks for sharing those numbers Ysa. Hopefully the Tourism Department in Quezon will work on the development of the said beaches but preserve its natural beauty.

  5. denzkie says:

    were about to experience borawan this coming weekend., i hope that we can find and experience what you’ve said about the place.

    1. Kenneth says:

      What made our trip more memorable is the people that I am with. Enjoy Borawan with your friends Denzkie.

  6. Kerols says:

    love your blog. Very concise. Direct to the point.

      1. divine says:

        hi there..I am really looking for a new place for our get togetehr this coming holy week and I really love reading blogs discussing the beauty of nature and yours is wonderful full of information and tips..Id like to try to go there with my family and friends since its look affordable and beautiful accrdg to your blog..Good job!looking forward for more blogs from you…Thanks by the way for the help!

      2. Kenneth says:

        Thank you for those words Ms. Divine. Yes, going there won’t cause you that much plus you’ll get to divide the expenses if you’ll be going with a group. Borawan for me is beautiful but what made my experience even more fun is because of he people I’m with.

        You’re welcome 🙂

  7. Kerols says:

    Ask ko lang kung laging may available na tents for rent sa Borawan? Thanks!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, they have. For you to be sure of the availability, you can contact them before going. Posted the number on the blog. You’re welcome 🙂

  8. Celine says:

    Do they allow overnight stay?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes but there would be a camping fee.

  9. Carla says:

    Hi, this blog really helped my planning. 😀 do u mind sharing the camp fee as well? Thanks!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Carla!

      It’s great to hear that my blog helped you with your planning. For the rates, you can check my other entry about Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin here:

      You’re welcome Carla! 🙂

  10. Lab says:

    Great blog! and big thanks also for the contact infos…
    we’re going there next week April 4…
    kita kits!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks for the appreciation Lab. I know you guys will enjoy Borawan!

  11. Mowty says:

    Hello there! Di ba you stayed at Dampalitan? How much does it cost to stay there for a night? Do they have tent rental also like in Borawan? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Opo, we stayed in Dampalitan as we were advised that it is much more cheaper compared to Borawan. There is no fixed rate kasi they have an issue with the BIR. As far as I know, there are no tents for rent only cottages. If you will do bring your own tent with you, there would be a payment of 100php per tent then 35php for the bonfire. Sabi ng guide namin, we should have paid whatever amount nga lang daw dapat. If you don’t have tents with you, you can contact the boat guide I’ve provided.

      You’re welcome Mowty!

  12. jenn says:

    great blog!is it safe to go here alone?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks Ms. Jenn!

      Yes, it’s safe but costly. But I think with the influx of people visiting the place, you’ll find a group/someone to share your cost with. And who knows, that someone could be the one.

      Happy solo travel Jenn!

  13. HI

    your blog is a big help. thanks!

    im planning my first solo backpacking trip to Borawan, on the 13 of april.
    sana lang meron ako mahanap na group na pwede ako maki share sa boat. medyo masakit kasi sa bulsa kung so-solohin ko bayad. btw, pwede ba mag skimboarding sa Borawan or any of the 3 beaches?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Yani,

      First, thanks for reading! It’s great to know that my blog can be some sort of help to you guys. Maybe someone who gets to read this, can help you with the cost-sharing.

      Sa pag si-skimboard, pagpunta kasi namin parang kalmado yung waves. Pero you can check sa Puting Buhangin.

      Good luck Yani on your first solo backpacking trip and I’m glad to be of help to you 🙂

    2. tonichif says:

      Hi Yani, I am planning to go there too! Solo din! The same sentiments, looking for a group to share the boat fees with. Trouble is, yung travel date mo. April 13 is Palm Sunday…di ka ba pwede earlier?

      1. hi

        parang gusto ko rin next week na. kaso may financial issues pa. 🙂 so baka Monday (arpril 14) na pala ako nandun. iniisip ko duon na ako makakahanap ng makakasabay sa boat (hopefully). gud luck sa pag hahanap ng kasabay. 🙂

      2. dhona says:

        hi guys me and my two friends are planning to go there too. April 18-19 sana my mkashare din kame sa boat =D

  14. jam says:

    Hi.. Ask lang is it safe at night? kasi you mentioned na walang electricity. Great blog btw. Really helpful. 😀

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, it is. We set up a bonfire at Dampalitan and we were the only group around. Thanks for the appreciation Jam!

  15. tonichif says:

    Hi guys, anyone here planning to go there this week or next week? (Not during Holy Week please). I am going there alone and I wonder if I could ‘hitch’ with a group to save on boat fees. Once there, I would go on my own and will just be with you again if we want to island hop or during the departure time. You may contact me at 09176274233

    1. On may2-3 po. Will be going there. The thing is ndi kami magkakakilala puro common friends (Get to know your friends’ friends.)

      1. Kenneth says:

        That’s what happened during our trip to Borawan. Enjoy the company of your soon-to-be-friends!

  16. Mariana Jake says:

    Hi guys,

    Let me just share some tips, we avail of a package which was recommended to us by some friends who had been there several times. They recommend us Sir Ron and he then arrange us to island hopping in three islands. The package was just too practical and hassle free and all we did was to enjoy. Food are buffet set up of our choice. Bon fire was also set up for us, tent were also provided within the arrangement. If you want and interested you may contact him at 09496362087. Thanks Sir ron for accommodating us, this is the only way we can pay you much

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks for sharing. This will be helpful to those who wants to avail packages and are busy to plan trips of their own.

    2. Ailyn Chavez says:

      thanks po sa pagrerecommend nyo samen kay sir ron. Tama po kayo,super sulit at accommodating nya. Kagagaling lang namin dun and we had fun.pag eenjoy nalang inintindi namin kase ang sasarap ng food nila at asikasong asikaso 🙂

  17. Marvel Ken says:

    Yes we’ve been guest of sir ron in three islands, he also serves as photographer for us. Thanks po ulit Sir Ron, i miss padre burgos!

  18. Marvel Ken says:

    Package tour yun na-avail din nmin kay sir Ron kasi we consider it practical and hassle free. Here is the number of sir Ron 09496362086. If you are interested just contact him and for sure sulit po kayo sa magagastos nyo.

    1. Miatt says:

      Just to update the contact of Sir Ron 09284484684. If you want a hassle free island hopping. They also offer boat rent that can load up to 16 to 20 person per boat.

      1. Kenneth says:

        Thanks Sir Ron! lol jk 😛

  19. KC Garceron says:

    anu ung camping fee na add 400? per person ba?

      1. kc says:

        if may tent ka na dadalhin u just need to pay 400 for overnight?

      2. Kenneth says:

        The 400 additional I think is for the cottage. Only 200 for tents. You can verify that through the contact details I’ve provided 🙂

  20. Bujoy Azueta says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if may mga hotel/resort sa padre burgos that we can stay. Thank you 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      You can check The Tamarind Tree Resort, it is also along Basiao junstion. You’re welcome.

  21. Maji says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in Borawan.
    May life vest ba ung mga boats for rent?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, there are life vests provided. You’re welcome Maji!

      1. Maji says:

        thank u

  22. Maji says:

    Hi Marvel Ken,

    Can you share us how much ung package na nakuha nyo from Sir Ron, please? And what’s inclusive. We’re planning to go there too. Thanks!

    1. Kenneth says:

      I think Marvel Ken won’t be able to see your message, for that you may contact Sir Ron directly at 09496362087 🙂

  23. tere says:

    hi! ang galing …my kids loves beach camping…ok ba to para sa kids? 🙂 safe ba ung boat and da island? hehehe excited 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, it is okay. The boat ride to Borawan is short and safe.

  24. Atom says:

    I will travelling solo on Black Saturday..Hope can experienced all the good memories shared here. Kudos Kennette!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks for dropping by Atom. Have fun! By the way, it’s Kenneth :p

  25. Atom says:

    Ken, Since I will travelling solo – do I need to bring my own food? Or may mabibilhan don?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Bring your own food. May mabibilhan pero sa Terminal na when you arrived at Quezon or sa Basiao market na.

  26. Nice blog! Were planning to visit borawan this may with my girlfriend, anniversary kasi namin. anu suggestions or tips?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Try jumping off the cliff on the side of Borawan, it’s thrilling (well, at least for me). You can also watch the sunset together in Dampalitan. Advance Happy Anniversary to you guys.

  27. lyka says:

    hi! yung 800 na boat fee balikan na po ba yun? and required po ba magrent ng cottage kahit na overnight kami dun?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Balikan na yun Ma’am. Yung cottage hindi siya mandatory. If you will setup a tent may additional fee lang of 200php if I’m not mistaken.

  28. camille says:

    Hi, ok lang ba dun may kasamang bata 2 years old, hindi ba delikado?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hindi naman po Ms. Camille as long as there will be someone who will look after the kid.

      1. camille says:

        Okay thank you kenneth. Your blog helps a lot On planning to go there.

      2. Kenneth says:

        You’re welcome! Have fun in there with your kid 🙂

  29. johanna barrientosa says:

    may bayad din ba kung mag oovernight kame dun? kasama ba sa 1600 yung tent? balak namin pumunta jan ngayong 17 kaso andami naming questions pano ba pumunta kung galing pa kami calamba??

    1. Kenneth says:

      There would be a different fee if mag-overnight po kayo at di po kasali dun yung tent, additional din po siya. For the way from Calamba to Padre Burgos, that I do not know. Galing po kasi kami sa Manila nun.

  30. johanna barrientos says:

    may bayad din ba kung mag oovernight kame dun? kasama ba sa 1600 yung tent? balak namin pumunta jan ngayong 17 kaso andami naming questions pano ba pumunta kung galing pa kami calamba??


  31. Richard Lim says:

    Aside from the Tents, is there any other accommodation at Borawan?

    1. Kenneth says:

      You could either rent a cottage or pitch a tent.

  32. Hi!

    Me and my friends are planning to go there on May 15, balak namin mag-overnight, do you think okay mag overnight sa mga cottage nila? Cottage kasi yung balak namin kunin instead of tent. Or mas okay ba kung magrerent kami ng tent? Mga how much kaya?

    Then, do we have to make reservations before going there or could we just go there without making reservations?

    And the boat, yung fees na pinost mo, buong back and forth trips na ba yun sa ibang beach(Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin)?

    Your blog has been helping me a lot on planning our summer escapade. Ang galing kasi kahit from last year na post mo pa ‘to eh updated pa din! 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Kenneth says:


      The cottage is like the bahay-kubo style. It is open as well but maybe you can device a way to somewhat cover it with clothes. Depende siya actually sa preference nyo, there are some who wants to sleep in tents, some prefer to be sa cottage. For the fees it is all posted here. But for a much more cheaper alternative, I suggest you do the overnight at Dampalitan.

      You can go there without prior reservations but be sure to contact your boat guide beforehand. For the boat guide fees, yes, they are all round trip transfer na.

      Yes it is. Kinokontak ko pa din yung sa boat guide, last time I talked to Ate Vanessa since Kuya Nino is already working overseas. You’re welcome and hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

  33. marti says:

    planning to go there friday-saturday.. sana di masyado crowded 🙂 seeyall there

  34. Mai Encabo says:

    Hi there! Your post is very informative. I was wondering lang if the boat can be haggled to a minimum since I plan to go there solo this weekend (4/19). Or pwede kaya makisakay sa group na pupunta dun then split the fee nalang? I’ll bring my own tent so sharing accommodation won’t be a problem. Salamat!! 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      You can join a group or contact the boat guide in advance to check with them Ms. Mai. Thanks for reading! 🙂

      1. Mai Encabo says:

        Thanks, man. No need for formalities here, I’m just a pobreng manlalakbay. I cancelled the trip anyway. I sort of chickened out in doing the solo trip with such a very short prep time. 😉

      2. Kenneth says:

        Aaawww. You should have still went. Anyways, enjoy your plan this long weekend 😉

  35. Wheng says:

    hi! Ask q lng how much ung overnight fee sa dampalitan? and my CR b dun and hindi b mhirap ang tubig? pwede ba kmi magluto dun at magbonfire? thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Wheng!

      Actually no fixed price when it comes to the payment sa Dampalitan. It changes. Sabi samin ng guide namin, it should have been any amount pero nung nagkasingilan na i may qinoute sila samin na price which I forgot. May CR dun kaso madilim kasi walang ilaw at di masyadong malinis. Yung sa water, you can pay for a gallon of it. Bonfire, pwede pero also with additional payment.

      You’re welcome.

  36. hi my boyfriend and i were planning to go there this weekend (april 26), what time of the day would you suggest for us to go there?

    1. Kenneth says:

      If you plan to do Borawan-Dampalitan-Puting Buhaning, it would be better if you go as early as 2 or 3AM.

      1. the problem kasi is we are only two. and the boat ride would be too much expensive for us if it is in a range of 1k and up kung dalawa lang kami.

      2. Kenneth says:

        you can go with groups if you want. you can contact the boat guide in advance.

  37. Chona says:

    hello po… nice blog! very informative..
    ask ko lang po kung meron kang alam na nag ooffer ng package tour sa borawan at isla puting buhangin para less hassle…. i think were group of 15.. ang target date nmen will be on may 3-4.. thanks!

    1. Kenneth says:

      A reader posted a number of someone called as Sir Ron. I am not in any ways related or in partnership with him. He is doing tours and packages for Borawan and the number posted was 09496362087. You may want to check it 🙂

      1. RonJame says:

        Hi Kenneth,

        I am Ron with contact numbers (09496362087 and 09165764069), I just want to thank you for having our place promoted. I am also thankful that I had been part of you blog by allowing those guests that I have been with to comment on the services that I offered them. I just want to thank them and for those who are still trying to contact me, I do personal arrangement but with very limited numbers for I always wanted a quality service for all of them. I also wanna say sorry for some group that I was not able to accommodate since I do accommodate the first three inquiries.

        There are still some places to be visited here in Padre Burgos as well as in Quezon Kenneth so if you are really interested, please feel free to contact me and it is my pleasure to guide you.

        Thanks and more power to your blog. Keep traveling and be safe always!

      2. Kenneth says:

        Hello Sir Ron. I have been hearing a lot of good comments about the tour/service that you are providing so it is just right for them (the one’s that you have guided) to post it here. Borawan and the beaches in Padre Burgos became our happy beach for the brief time that we were there. Quezon is beautiful, it just needs some promotion and this is just a little help.

        I was actually supposed to be there this May but unfortunately due to some schedule change I won’t be able to make it. Hopefully this June Sir and I will definitely give you a call to ask for some tips and information.

        And lastly, hopefully locals will see how promising the tourism in Quezon is and will take care of the beaches and other must-see places there.

  38. Arwin says:

    Hi, Thanks for the very helpful post. Just have some questions: Ilan usually kaysa sa isang boat and ilan usually ang kasya sa isang tent na pinaparent nila? Thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      The boat can accommodate 10 pax. For the tent, usually 2 person per tent. Welcome Arwin.

  39. Thanks for this very useful post sir. Actually i was in dampalitan last holy week but my girl seems to be unsatisfied so we plan to go there this may2-3. hope you dont mind if i adapt some in your itinerary. Planning to go there with our friends and our friends’ friends. thank you again.

    1. Kenneth says:

      You’re welcome! Hopefully this time your girl will love Borawan.

  40. Hello. Thanks for this post. We’re planning to go there on the last week of May 🙂 We want to have an overnight stay there but what if we cant bring our own tent. Are there available tent rentals for us? Thanks much.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, they do have tents for rent but you might as well contact them beforehand to reserve one. You’re welcome Alyssa 🙂

  41. Nika says:

    May kuryente po ba sa Borawan?

    1. Kenneth says:

      When we went there wala pa pero nung kinausap ko si Ate they were already planning of putting up electricity.

  42. Kim says:

    Hi kenneth, any suggestion na pwede naming gawin sa borawan, dampalitan and puting buhangin? and anong mas maganda sa kanilang tatlo 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      You can check here the things that you can do in Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting BUhangin: But to sum it up, in Borawan, try the cliff diving and play volleyball with your friends. The place is also a good location for groupies. In Dampalitan, make sure not to miss the sunset and you can have a bonfire there. In Puting Buhangin, the attraction would be the Kwebang Lampas.

      Enjoy 🙂

  43. Alex says:

    Hi! Will a boat rental trip like the one you suggested in a previous blog, Mainland-Dampalitan-Puting Buhangin-Dampalitan (again)-Borawan-Mainland also cost P1800? Also, thank you for this highly informative blog! Cheers!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes, a trip to three of the beaches only costs 1800php and can be divided among a group of 10.

  44. ivanjae says:

    hey man, great blog! saw this over rappler.. we’re planning to go here and we’d like to follow your suggestion Dampalitan – Puting Buhangin – Dampalitan – Borawan, thing they have tent rentals in Dampalitan? thank you!!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks Ivanjae! When we went there, there were no tents for rent yet but with the influx of tourist and the demand of staying overnight in Dampalitan, I think they have it now. You may contact Ate Vanessa in advance to check if they do have tents for rent as to avoid hassle when you’re already there.

      Hope this help.

  45. Hi Kenneth, thank you so much for this site, really appreciate when you spend time to reply to “kulit” queries and do add me to that list hehe! We are a group of 20 (company outing) and we plan to stay at Villa Anita and off to Borawan, is this ok and what time should we head for Borawan para sulit. We leave our office June 5 3pm, with a budget till whole day of June 6 do help me plan please we have a meeting in 30 minutes. REALLY thank you so much!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Is your office at Manila? If it is, you will be arriving at around 6:30 PM in Quezon then you will be heading directly to Villa Anita, right? If you will only be going to Borawan you can come as late as 7AM of June 6 and leave at around 2PM if you will be traveling back to Manila.

      You’re welcome 🙂

  46. jenefa says:

    Sino Pwede kontakin regarding sa tent? Punta Kase kame Ngyon and wla kameng dalang tent?
    Please replythanks much

    1. Kenneth says:

      Try Ate Van at 09151067594 or Kuya Ron at 09496362087.

      1. jenefa says:

        Hi Kenneth thanks for the information. All is set already thanks

      2. Kenneth says:

        San kayo nakarent ng tent? Are you already at Borawan? How is it now? Send my regards to the locals there 🙂

  47. Pauiie says:

    Where did you buy food? 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      We brought it already but on our second day, we asked our boat guide to buy us sea foods at the market.

  48. strange_pariah says:

    Hello! Pupunta kami ng bf ko sa 3 Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting buhangin on May 3 and 4. Baka may nagpapalano din sa inyo na pumunta ng ganoong dates, maybe we can share sa boat ride, mas makakatipid sana kung marami magshe-share. Nagtext ako kay ate vanessa, 8 daw capacity ng boat.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Guys, anyone who wants to share the boat with them. Mas makakamura kayo with your group.

      1. ahlramz says:

        Kmi pupunta sa may3-4..I think pde nmn pakiusapan kung 9 tau..may kontak na ako na bangka dun.

        Send an email to if you want to join us.

      2. strange_pariah says:

        Thanks Sir Kenneth. I enjoy reading this blog, very informative and marami talagang nagkocomment. 🙂

      3. Kenneth says:

        You’re welcome. Somebody did reply na to your question. Sama na kayo dun 9 kayo para mas makamura 🙂 Enjoy!

  49. ahlramz says:

    They can share with us I think..may3-4 we’ll br leaving manila at 2am following your posted itinerary..the only problem is 7 na ang total count nmin..ok lng b na excess of one?

    1. Kenneth says:

      I think pwede. Isa lang naman, just kindly ask the boat guide 🙂

      1. strange_pariah says:

        Nagsend na po ako ng email ahlramz. Sana pwede nga yung 9 sa boat. Thank you for reply. 🙂

      2. ahlramz says:

        ok na sir kenneth..sasabay na sya samin.

      3. Kenneth says:

        Enjoy guys! 🙂

  50. Wilz says:

    Hi mr bratpacker I find your blog very helpful.same with the rest posting on your blog were planning to visit this 3 island however we’re just 2 planning to go there I wish we can join some group going there.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Post when your desired travel dates are, someone might be interested to tag you along with their groups.

  51. Wilz. Join us. There are 4 of us so far. Boat I contacted worth 1,800 is good for 8pax, for 3 ilsnads na yun incl Borawan. We will be going there on May 10-11. Overnight Camping sa Borawan. Tara. Feef free to contact me via Facebook –Antonio Magno Carranza Jr— or tru my blog —You can find all my social media contacts there. Tara! ^^

  52. Tseree22 says:


    Just a tip, mas okay pumunta ng Sunday-Monday kasi halos masosolo nyo na yung mga islande. We were there last April 27-28. Super enjoy kasi yun nga halos solo namin yung tatlong island.

    Kumuha kami ng package kay Sir Ron(mentioned in previous comments). Very accomodating at affordable ng package nya. 🙂 Wala na kayong iintindihn sa package nya. 🙂

    Siguro kung diy yung trip nyo mas tagalan nyo sa Purting Buhangin. That’ my fave talaga. Plus andon din yung Kwebang Lampas. 🙂

    And super saya mag stargazing!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Wow. I’m glad you enjoyed the place. Thanks for sharing your experience Tseree22.

    2. reca says:

      Hi, ask ko lang po saan island kayo ng overnight stay?
      Thanks a lot. This is very helpful 🙂

      1. Kenneth says:

        Damplaitan po kami.

  53. jen says:

    Hi plano kasi namin magovernight sa borawan on may 6-7.ask ko lng when it comes to renting the boat.will we still pay only 800?since overnight kmi?hndi 1600?thank u.sorry for too many questions.:D

    1. Kenneth says:

      800php is already round trip transfer o balikan na if you plan to go to Borawan solely.

  54. arlyn says:

    Hello plan po nmin is july 1st week with my 1 fren ….. Kya lng wla kmi ksma meron din po b ngpplan mkikisby nlng

    1. Kenneth says:

      Anyone who has plans of going to Borawan this July 1st, you may want to join Arlyn and her friend 🙂

  55. Kim says:

    Hello, may time po ba yung boat? or anytime pwede magbyahe sa boat? Tia!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Anytime po 🙂

  56. Mary Rose Catherine Ramos says:

    hi guys! we are planning to go there with 16 to 20pax ask lng po if may boat po b ng kya iacc0m0date ang 20pax in case gusto nla in 1 b0at lng km? thank u

    1. Kenneth says:

      Unfortunately your group will be divided into two. Or you can contact the guide directly to check with them but since the only have fisherman’s boat, I doubt.

      1. ahlramz says:

        Possible din..try asking for the flatboat kakasya daw 20pax dun..iba nga lang ang rate..

      2. Kenneth says:

        Thanks for the info ahlramz

  57. steph says:

    Thank you for your post Sir Kenneth! we will go in Quezon this weekend, may 31- June 1. Who wants to join us? 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      You’re welcome Steph! Kindly advise me after if the beach is still as beautiful as when we went there. I would appreciate it.

      Guys, any joiners?

  58. Dado says:

    I want to go there. I could go alone but it would be happier if someone would join me.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hopefully, you can find a company here.

  59. Miatt says:

    My group went there and we enjoyed it because we are the only group in the island plus we availed a package which is cheaper than do it your own and hassle free. Please contact Sir Ron at 09284484684 for him to advise you. They also offer boat for hire that could load as many as 20 persons per boat at a very reasonable price. The package is all in with over flowing food plus sea foods. Thanks

  60. This is definitely a good read! 🙂
    I actually visited Borawan few days ago with my travel buddies and it was a fantastic experience!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks Dexter! It’s good to know that you did enjoy Borawan 🙂

  61. Pat says:

    We tried it and it was nice.

    Thanks to our contact Ron. Nice experience.

    Contact Ron for boat and other services at 09157165645 or 09284484684

  62. Dionilyn says:

    ask ko lang panu yung nagrent kayo dalwang boat?? panu stop over nun??

    1. Kenneth says:

      Opo, dalawang boat po. What do you mean by stopover? You can also check my other entry: Borawan vs. Dampalitan vs. Puting Buhangin for the comparison 🙂

  63. Dionilyn says:

    i mean yung nag rent kayo ng 2 boat na ngcost lang ng 1600 panu yun hahaah

    1. Kenneth says:

      Nakipag haggle kami with the boat guides but now it will be the price stated already.

  64. Maudee says:

    Is there a marine sanctuary best for snorkeling at Borawan? Thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      We weren’t informed about any snorkeling spots near Borawan.

  65. jaymard says:

    how much po ang package tour ni sir ron, we are planning to ge there this november:)


    1. Kenneth says:

      Kindly contact him directly Sir.

  66. Willem says:

    Hi. I am a solo traveler that will be heading to the Philippines soon. I would like to know where I must book in advance for this trip of going to borawan or can I just take a bus from Manila to borawan. Get a boat and go and overnight on one of the islands. I would like to camp on dampalitan, putingbuhabgin and borawan… One night on each…i have seen what the accommodation cost and I don’t mind paying the boat fee of 1800 but will they pick me up and take me to the other island for 3 days in a row and still pay 1800. Can I just show up or must I book in advance. Anyone that would like to join. And share costs. I’m planning it around 3rd – 6th Dec. Take care. WILLEM South Africa

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Willem, you can head directly there but contact the boat guide in advance so they won’t give you an overpriced boat fee when you show up. There is actually no accommodation there but you can pitch a tent. Yes, they will pick you up and take you to the three islands.


    2. Bella Torrenueva says:

      I can be of help Mr.Willem …we have boat for rent in Basiao, P. Burgos just text or call 0906-915-7383 for more info and assistance. Godbless

  67. Ellie says:

    Hi guys !! Need boat rent and assistance? Borawan, puting buhangin at Dampalitan ? Just contact this no. 09064298071 ,0947 614 2289 and search for noeme thanks 🙂

  68. Bella Torrenueva says:

    Island hopping assistance?
    Call/text kuya aldy our boatman 0906-915-7383/0920-2547-669.
    We offer boat & tent for rent and also can lend u of things u needed just to lessen Ur baggages in camp. Tnx & Godspeed 🙂

  69. Sha says:

    Summer Activities? ?
    Island Hopping? (Borawan, Dampalitan, PUTING BUHANGIN )
    Just call kuya Elong Jaro 09302680383 or Shamaine Jaro 09094819703
    Thank you 💜💜💜

  70. Ellie Samson says:

    hi guys need boat rent and assistant? BORAWAN , DAMPALITAN and PUTING BUHANGIN ISLAND ? just call/text this no. 09476142289, 09956153995 and look for ate noime …:)
    09085317597 marvin , 09473413419 marlyn .

  71. Pete says:

    Hi! We planing to go there after this holy week. dalawa lang kami ni Misis 26 and 27 of ages. baka may pwede kami makasabay to lessen the cost of boat rental. Dates could March 30 and 31 or April 6 and 7.

    Prio namin to stay longer sa kwebang lampas. Here is our plan for island hopping.

    1 : Island hop to Dampalitan
    2 : Island hop to Kwebang Lampas(We plan to stay longer here, most of the day)
    3 : Then Overnight @ Borawan

    1. Jerick Corea says:

      Hi Pete can I have your email or can you contact me at ? Thanks

  72. babylyn rojero says:

    hi ken. ask ko lng sna kng active p b yng mga number ng pdng icontact s borawan?? we planning to go there this april 19..

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes it is. If not, kindly contact other numbers on the comment section.

  73. romel says:


  74. romel says:

    ask ko lang po kung merun available na hotel or room na malapit sa borawan? thanks po!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Borawan is an island sir, kelangan mag boat papunta run. No hotels yet sa island.

  75. Aian says:

    Hi good day!!! need boat service 3 island for P1500..kindly call and txt this number for welcoming assistance..09498745457 & 09166254363..

  76. :0 says:

    hi ask ko lang po kng magkano ang entrance fee at rent ng tent?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hello, all details are in the blog po.

  77. llezeil says:

    per head po ba ung rent ng boat or per boat po

  78. sha7865 says:

    Good day every one!
    More questions about island hopping?
    Try to contact ms. Shamaine 09094819703 / 09166272886 for a friendly Assistance and for Boat reservation 🚢🚢🚢🚣🚣🚣⚓

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