Travel Guide to Patar Beach

Let’s talk about cool, creamy, white sand and knee-deep crystal clear waters without the maddening crowd, I’m sure you can only think of a few. Well, 6 hours of travel may be quite butt-numbing but the beauty there is in Bolinao, Pangasinan specifically Patar White Beach is something that all beach people should not miss. I don’t know if the name sounds familiar to you, but you better not forget that name now as it will surely be the next hit beach destination in North Luzon.

the beautiful beach front of Patar
the beautiful beach front of Patar

Getting there:  One may opt to travel directly to Bolinao via Victory Liner in Cubao or Five Star in Cubao and Pasay. Travel is around 5-6 hours but there are stops at Dau, Tarlac and Alaminos. From Bolinao Terminal, you will have to take a tricycle to your preferred beach. Bus rates:  Via Victory Liner: 459 php and bus leaves every 40 min to an hour. Check Victory Liner’s Scheduled trips. 

Via Five Star: If you are coming from Cubao bus fare is 459php and 469php for those in Pasay Terminal. If you want to take an Ordinary Bus, fare from Cubao is 351php and 359php in Pasay. Check Five Star’s Fare Matrix. Or if you are coming from Lingayen, you can contact Sir Mark at 09273930726. He can serve as your guide as well and take you to different spots in Bolinao.

hashtag groupie

Accommodation: One may set up a tent, rent a cottage or actually book a room at one of the resorts there is in Patar. Since we were just on a day trip, we only rented a cottage and it cost us 200php. The cottage is also good for those who are staying overnight and is on a budget trip. Not only that you are on a beach front, you can also have a 24 hour access to the beach.

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Side trips: You are already in Bolinao so you might as well go and check some of its treasures too. Listed below are those attractions and sights that we were able to actually visit though I won’t recommend going to some of them.

Enchanted Cave - you'll wonder where your 150php will go

It is not only a bit pricey but I must say too pricey for a cave. Entrance is 150php and that includes the swimming fee. If so happen that you don’t want to take a dip, they will return the 50php.

inside the cave with #TeamBorawan

There is also a separate parking fee: Bus (50 php), Mini bus (40 php), Cars (30 php), Tricycle (20 php) and Motorcycle (15 php). And the life vest which is supposed to be included, comes with a different fee of 30 php.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

It’s quite alarming to know how a once famed lighthouse turned into a wall of vandals. Aside from it was too hot, there is basically nothing that you can do since the lighthouse is also close.

Bolinao Falls

If you are ready to eat all the dust and travel on a dirt road, you may now head to Bolinao Falls. It’s a shame on how much potential Bolinao has but government projects for its improvement is not visible or I must say too little. Going back, you can try jumping off a waterfall there or you can do it on a tree.  Jumping off the tree alone already scared the hell out of me that I opted not to try jumping off the waterfall.

Patar Rock Formation

Don on your most dramatic pose, wait for the waves to crash the rocks, and poof, a new profile picture waiting to be uploaded is born. Or you can wait for the sun to set then you will have one amazing sunset photo by the beach. You can as well ask your friends to come with you, stretch those arms and monopods and get ready for a groupie.

Bottomline: Patar Rock Formation is but a photographer’s haven. Aside from what I have mentioned above, you can also check St. James Church for souvenirs and you can also try Binongey, Bolinao’s Bamboo rice cake. If the road to Tara Falls is already open, you can also check that place.

Itinerary (for a day trip):

Day 0:

23:45 ETD From Cubao Terminal

Day 1:

05:45 ETA Bolinao Terminal

06:00 Breakfast and quick visit to St. James Church

07:00 ETD to Patar White Beach

07:30 ETA at beach of your choice

08:00 Beach bum and free time

11:00 Lunch

12:00 ETD to Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

12:15 ETA at Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

12:30 ETD to Enchanted Cave

13:00 ETA at Enchanted Cave

14:00 ETD to Bolinao Falls

14:30 ETA at Bolinao Falls

15:30 Shower and pack up

16:00 Travel to Bolinao Terminal

16:45 ETD to Manila

22:45 ETA in Manila


84 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael jone says:

    What is the name of the beach resort in patar do you go?

    1. Kenneth says:

      White Beach in Patar

      1. joann nalo says:

        kua meron po bang bahay na pwedeng rentahan dun sa patar for over nait na pwedeng ma accomodate ang 20 persons?

      2. Kenneth says:

        No idea Joann but there are resorts in the area.

      3. Alas Erfe says:

        Do you still have their contact number? I am planning to go on a solo travel and pick an open cottage, so aircon rooms are really pricey for me.

      4. Kenneth says:

        Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any contact numbers.

  2. joshua says:

    how much po yung nagastos niyo dito? per person

    1. Kenneth says:

      Just less than 2k Sir. The more you are the cheaper it will be.

      1. Kreii says:

        hi sir, saan pwdng mgpareserve ng cottage sa patar white beach?

      2. Kenneth says:

        Dun na po mismo sa beach Sir.

  3. renzell pangan says:

    Kelan po pinost to? Exact date po. Thanks.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Last 2014, I forgot na.

  4. DanaMarie says:

    How much po naspend nyo lahat?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Less than 2k Ms DanaMarie.

      1. DanaMarie says:

        Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Jaramaine Ayuman says:

    May iba pa po ba kayong alam na way papuntang Bolinao? Kahit connecting trips po. Kasi alanganin yung oras namen sa Five star at sa Victory.

    1. Kenneth says:

      No idea na po, cguro you can hire a van?

  6. Yvette says:

    Hello. We’re planning to go there this month. Magkakalapit lang po ba yung Patar beach and other spots like Enchanted cave, lighthouse, etc? Thank you!:)

    1. Kenneth says:

      Oo malapit lang yung tatlo sa isat-isa. Better kung unahin yung Enchanted then Patar then te lighthouse.

  7. Yvette says:

    I see.:) familiar kaba dun sa El Pescador beach resort? Dun sana namin balak magstay overnight. Kaya lang malayo yata yun sa mga spots noh? Do you think it’ll be better to go to Patar beach first then to the other spots around para malibot namin lahat? Thank you 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Not familiar at all. Once lang dn kasi ako nakapag Patar. Yung samin, nag Enchanted Cave muna kami then the beach then last yung Falls kasi malayo-layo.

  8. Yvette says:

    Thank you. Nice blog.:) at ang bilis ng reply hehehe!👍👍👍

  9. joy says:

    hi balak din namin mag punta sa bolinao ung sa white beach patar .. pag baba ba namin ng bus sa bolinao may masasakyan na kmi na papunta sa patar white beach alam n nila un?

    1. Kenneth says:

      There are jeepneys there. You can rent one for your group if you are planning to visit some spots like the Enchanted Cave and Bolinao lighthouse.

  10. joy says:

    tsaka meron naba pwd kmi mag stay na room sa mismong beach? thank u

    1. Kenneth says:

      As far as I can remember, there are only cottages available. But there are nearby resorts that you can check if you would want to rent a room.

  11. J. Torres says:

    I was here last June of this year on a weekday and I totally agree on how secluded this place can be. Accomodations may not be as stylish compared to the one’s in Southern Luzon but their beach can be considered as equal.
    Nice read. Neat and informative.

  12. Paola says:

    Hi nice blog! Nung time na nag visit kayo sa lighthouse close lang siya? may schedule ba? or hindi siya at all pwd pasukan? Thanks. 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hello Paola, Close talaga sya. Sa labas lang pwede mag picture.

  13. gold says:

    Kung galing ka po ng tarlac anong trip ang sasakyan mo?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Pangasinan pa dn po

  14. Jons says:

    Just wanna if ever I’ll stay over night sa patar white beach, allowed ba na mgdala at gumamit ng tent instead of renting a cottage?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Yes but for the fee, that’s what I don’t know.

  15. Tey says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if ilan po kayo nung nagpunta kayo nga Patar?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Around 10 or more than that I think. 1o-11.

  16. DEO BOBIS says:

    Hi, There is a new resort/camping area opening in the pristine and beautiful beaches of Tambobong, Dasol, Pangasinan. Just look for the PANTALAN BEACH RESORT
    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)
    (for the rates,reservation and other info. just call or text)
    DEO BOBIS : 09301194141 / 09759211224 / 9830432
    NANAY PRECY: 09075183062
    JOEY BOBIS : 09489264248
    *Rooms aircon Available
    (front beach)
    *Rooms no Aircon
    (front beach)
    *House for Rent
    (front beach)
    *Cottage (front beach)
    *Island hopping fees depends on where you want to go.
    *Pitch your tent only on designated areas pls.
    *Bonfire available for minimal charge
    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)
    DEO BOBIS : 09301194141/ 9830432
    JOEY BOBIS : 09489264248
    For more info. visit the websites below…
    visit this website.

  17. Keith says:


    Ask ko lang if yung Patar White Beach Resort ba is a public or private beach resort? How much is the entrance fee? and do they offer water sports activities?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Keith, It is a public beach and as far as I can remember the entrance fee was around 20php. They don’t offer water sports though.

  18. Nhicky says:

    Hi, From Bolinao gano pa katagal bago makarating sa Patar white beach?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hmm, I think around 30 minutes? I am not just sure Nhicky.

  19. edmond says:

    hi ken, if commute lang papunta sa patar beach, enchanted cave, light house accessible ba? hindi mahirap ang byahe 2 to 3 person lang kasi kami

    1. Kenneth says:

      There are jeepneys or better yet mag kontrata na lang kayo ng trike 🙂

  20. Kat says:

    Hello! Magtatanong lang po about sa cottages. Just for day stay. Pang ilang tao po yung 200? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      A group of 10 or less.

  21. Ycel Domingo says:

    hi kenneth, do you have contact persons that you may share with us so we can go there easily.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Ycel,

      You can try Sir Mark at 09273930726

      1. Pat says:

        transport service po ba tong kay sir mark?

      2. Kenneth says:

        Yes sir. You can also try to contact him for questions.

  22. Ycel Domingo says:

    Hi Kenneth, do you have any contact persons like, trike driver and such so we can go there easily.

  23. Kayselyn Tolentino says:

    Hi kenneth my contact ka ba para sa mga rental sa kubo. Thanks and idea sa rent ng kubo at public ba ito kht wla ng available na kubo pwede prin kami makaligo ?? This is for family outing. Thank you

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Kayselyn,

      Unfortunately I don’t have any contact. Yes, public po sya but you need to pay for the entrance fee.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! Magkano po kaya ang dapat budget for a solo traveler? thank you! 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      More or less, I think 3k. Sa transportation ka mapapamahal pag solo.

  25. Hi! Magkano po kaya ang dapat budget for a solo traveler? Thanks! 🙂

      1. Christy says:

        Hi there mr. Kenneth, do you have any idea how much would be the rental of tricycle from bolinao terminal going to patar beach?

      2. Kenneth says:

        Sorry but I’ve got no idea po.

  26. Paolo says:

    Hi Sir! Ask ko lang po kung maayos yung daan from Bolinao town proper to Patar beach, kung cemented na po ba or rough road. Thank you!

    1. Kenneth says:

      May parts na rough road po.

  27. Aries says:

    Hi ken. Punta kasi kami dun next month. Ahm sa patar beach ba may offer sila na tent at magkano ?? Thnx

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Aries! For tents, d lang ako sure kung meron dun.

  28. VAN says:

    Dear open beach ba sya? Pwede magcamp?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Van, no. May bayad dn pag mag camp pero I wasn’t able to check the fees.

      1. jenjen says:

        hi ken,,pupunta kasi ako tom dun magdadala akong tent pwede ba un lang?or may bayad din..?any idea how much po?tnx

      2. Kenneth says:

        Hi Jen, It is possible for the fee, unfortunately, I have no idea.

  29. SANGGRE says:

    Hello Kenneth, safe naman ba if ever na mag set lang ng tent? Thank you.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hello! Yes it is 🙂

  30. cheska says:

    hello. ask ko lang anong place exactly kayo nagstay kung san yung cottage nyo and may contact no. ka pa ba nung may ari? thank you. 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      We stayed at Patar White Beach Resort but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the number.

  31. Kurt says:

    Hello keneth ask ko lang if dau kami sasakay papunta patar beach ilang oras kaya? 2 lang kame bigyn mo nman ako ng idea kung magkano lahat magagastos? Kung 4days kami dun.. sorry firstym namin kc aalis sa pamp. W/o our guardin.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Kurt, honestly I don’t have any idea kung gano katagal magiging biyahe if from Pampanga. For the budget, probably around 2k each kung dalawa lang kayo.

  32. mau says:

    Hi sir
    Ask ko po may network signal po ba doon?smart and globe?

  33. Aila Sim says:

    Hi~~ is there an entrance fee in this resort? Thanks☺️

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Aila,

      Yes, there is. If I’m not mistaken it was about 20php per head.

  34. says:

    Hi ask ko lang po if may shower rooms po para sa pagbanlaw? Thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      Sa resort meron po.

  35. apple says:

    ano po phone number ninyo?
    and magkano po cottage good for 15-20 pax hindi po overnyt and room rates good for 2 adults overnyt?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Apple. Sorry but I was not able to get their number.

  36. jaye :----) says:

    nice blog! by the way, are the prices still the same po ngayon 2017? we’ll go there next week kasi tapos tight budget pa po. pag nag overnight po ba sa patar beach yung fee na 250 per person? tsaka yung huts hindi na kailangan i-reserve or marami nagr-rent? thankyou in advance :—-)

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Jaye!

      Sorry but I was not able to update this anymore. I haven’t also tried an overnight stay here hence I cannot advise you with regards to the current rates.

      1. jaye :----) says:

        oh okay, but when you stayed there for a day trip how much yung entrance fee ng beach? and dun po ba kayo mismo nagbook ng cottage? :—-)

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