DIY Travel Guide to Calaguas

No wonder why beach campers travel almost 10 hours from Manila for this. Having to endure an 8 hour bus ride and a 2 hour boat ride is no joke but being able to see the beauty there is in this gem of Camarines Norte  makes the trip worthwhile. Having to feel  the fine of its sand on my toes, having to see before me the pristine waters and having to experience first hand what Calaguas can offer, made me crave for more.

the tempting waters of Calaguas
the tempting waters of Calaguas

Due to the influx of tourists, large number of tour groups have made packages to lessen the hassle of planning your own trip to this beautiful island, but the catch is, sometimes it is too costly thinking that they also have to gain profit. So to help you plan your trip to Calaguas as cheap as possible, I have made a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Travel Guide to this beautiful island.

How to get there:  You can either reach Mahabang Buhangin via Vinzons or Paracale. The only difference would be the number of hours as Vinzons is much more farther than Paracale. The downside on the other hand of choosing Paracale, you will have to search for boat guides that won’t rip you off your pocket.

all aboard, ready for Calaguas
all aboard, ready for Calaguas

If you choose to go via Paracale: There are now direct trips to Paracale via Superlines. Travel time is around 8-9 hours and the jump-off point will be at Caltex (gasoline station) in Paracale. From there, you will need to hire a trike to take you to the fish port or you can also walk for around 15 minutes if you are really on a tight budget.

enduring the 1 and 45 minutes of boat ride to Mahabang Buhangin
enduring the 1 and 45 minutes of boat ride to Mahabang Buhangin

Superlines Transportation do have daily trips to Paracale but to be sure, I suggest that you book your tickets in advance. You can contact them at: 414-3319 or 414-3321. You may also want to try to contact them at their mobile number: 0922-522-5192.

Upon arrival at the fish port of Paracale, you can look for your boat guide who will bring you to Mahabang Buhangin but if you are still looking for one, I highly recommend Sir Ernie. Not only that he offers the cheapest fare to Mahabang Buhangin, he also sees to it that all of the things your group needs are well attended.

crystal clear waters waiting for you
crystal clear waters waiting for you

Travel time from Paracale to Mahabang Buhangin is roughly around 1 hour and 45 minutes, depending on the waves sometimes it can go as long as 2 hours.

If you will be coming from Vinzons, you can contact Kuya Putoy and haggle with him with the boat price. Travel time is around 2-3 hours, much more longer than Paracale but boat prices are surprisingly cheaper.

having fun under the sun ;)
having fun under the sun 😉

You can also avail of tour packages, there are groups that offers as low as 1800 php per person and that includes the boat, tents, 3 meals, other fees and a souvenir shirt.  A reminder though, bus ticket from Manila to Paracale / Vinzons and vice-versa are not included.

Things to bring:

Aside from donning on your hip summer outfit (yes, you have to look for a sexy summer attire), these are the things that you need to bring with you in the island:

Insect repellent | own food | gallons of water | sunblock | personal medication (if any) | power bank | a trash bag (leave nothing but footprints, right?)

For the tent, there are tents for rent in the island and a big tent that can accommodate 5 person costs 400php. You can either reserve in advance with the help of your boat guide.

For the food, there are locals that are selling lobsters and other sea foods in Puting Buhangin but it depends on their catch so if I were you, I will have everything readily available before I reach the island. In our case, we brought with us burners and cook set. For our food, we bought them at Paracale’s wet market, a good 5 minute walk from Caltex station.

Please note that there is no signal in the island except if you will climb the hill 🙂

Contact person: 

For the boat guides, you can contact Sir Ernie (Paracale) at 09471109451 and Kuya Putong (Vinzons) at 09205666985 , they are the ones who can give you the cheapest rate given how greedy some of the boat guides are especially in Paracale.

Things to do: 

Swim at the crystal clear waters of Calaguas. I’m sure, everyone will be tempted to do it. As a matter of fact, in my case, I did jump out of the boat when we arrived at the island because of too much excitement.

climb that hill to get a 360 view of the island
climb that hill to get a 360 view of the island

Climb the hill and be at awe with the sunset or sunrise. Please note that there are kid guides and they are charging 50 php but you can also do it on your own.

try surfing in Bagasbas
try surfing in Bagasbas

Have a side trip at Bagasbas beach and try surfing or paragliding. These are all in Daet, a good 1 hour ride from Paracale. The good thing is, there are a lot of buses leaving Daet than in Paracale so it would be advantageous to your group.

Budget and fees: 

Bus fare from Manila to Paracale: 515 php

Boat rental: 7000 php (Paracale to Mahabang Buhangin) + 500 php tip (optional) to Sir Ernie for being so accommodating (From Paracale to Mahabang Buhangin and Mahabang Buhangin back to Paracale)

Boat fare from Vinzons: 500 per head just contact Kuya Putong.

Note that you can divide this within your group. The boat by the way can only accommodate around 16 passengers.

Environmental fee at Paracale: 25 php

Environmental fee at Mahabang Buhangin (LGU side): 25 php

Note that Mahabang Buhangin are divided into groups, the private one’s and the LGU. It is in LGU where we stayed, the cheapest but has the most crowd. Private sectors do charge a staggering 150 php as entrance fee so if you have that plenty of money, you may opt to stay at their side of the beach.

Side trip to Bagasbas: 70 php per head

Bus ticket fro Daet to Manila: 500 php

There are other fees that we paid and divided among our group like the food, the trike ride to the port etc but we only shelled out 2000 php each all-in. Not bad right?

See? Going to Calaguas need not be that expensive. All you need is a thorough research and a number of friends that are willing to join you. If you are planning on your last Summer hurrah,  you should go visit Calaguas now. It is not yet too late before this island becomes your another Boracay.


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  1. Lee says:

    Hi, how many were you during your trip? Because 2000/pax is really cheap. Hope we can achieve that too when we go there 2 weeks from now.

    1. Kenneth says:

      We were around 15 or less. Just plan it beforehand. Sorry for the late response as I was in Surigao the past few days.

  2. Hi Kenneth, Your blog is really helpful. We’re planning to go there this April 2015. Is there a direct bus from Manila going to Vinzons? Hopefully the contact numbers of the two boat man are still active. 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks Harlene! All I know is there are buses from Manila to Panganiban/Paracale :/

  3. Adell says:

    Hi Kenneth! hope you can share your itinerary. I’m arranging a trip for holy week which is less than a month from now!

    1. Kenneth says:

      I don’t know if I can make it any time soon as I am also preoccupied :/

  4. Very helpful Kenneth! But is there a safe parking space overnight for a private car in the port of Paracale?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Sir! There is a space where you can park your car in Paracale. I am not just sure if it is safe. But you can contact your guide beforehand and tell them about your concern.

  5. Beach Bum says:

    Hi Kenneth! Just want to know if 2k/pax budget is still possible for 2 people? Really want to go here.

    1. Kenneth says:

      For two pax, No. We were around 15 that time.

  6. Ann says:

    Hi! May designated cooking area po ba or Ihiwan? Or you really have to bring burners? Thanks!

    1. Kenneth says:

      You need to bring your own or pwede dn magpaluto. You can as well improvise as long as you have charcoal and something to make fire.

      1. Kurt says:

        Hi,how about mga kawali po. Meron po bang narerentahan? Thanks.

      2. Kenneth says:

        Meron po sa mga locals 🙂

  7. Carlo says:


    I texted po ung number ni Sir Ernie pero nung ask ko po ung name nya Chito daw po name nya. Same person lng po ba sila sir? Planning to go there this May po kasi. Salamat.

    1. Kenneth says:

      That was the number of our guide when we went to Calaguas.

      1. Carlo says:

        Thanks sir! Ung mga lutuan po sir?dun na po ba sa mahabang buhangin mkakarent? Thanks.

      2. Kenneth says:

        Oo, sa mga locals dun

  8. jaivhee says:

    thnks sir this blog was very useful! sir we are planning to go by this 2nd of may to 4th of may that was sunday – tuesday do u thnk there will be a lot of people there?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Knowing that it’s summer, maybe yes but since you will be on Sunday, maybe just a few.

  9. janylineee says:

    hi sir, P2P

    hi, we are currently looking for sample groups to join a 3Days2nights tour for Calaguas.

    Schedule: May 8 to 10
    Van transfer (Manila – Paracale – Manila)
    Boat transfer
    Tent accommodation
    Entrance and environmental fees
    6 Meals
    Bagasbas side trip

    PHP 3600/head

    In case interested, please contact me
    Janyline- 09161304086 or 09983237893

    1. yve says:

      meron po bang schedule ng may 24 to 28 salamat po

      1. janylineee says:

        Hi Yve, if you have a group of 10 to 12, we can arrange another one. 🙂

  10. Nhorie says:

    Hello, baka meron papunta sa inyo sa Calaguas ng May 22-24, baka pwede naman po kami mag join. 2 po kami.

    1. Christine says:

      hi! we’re going to calaguas diy trip. May 20-22 3 days 2 nights. baka you want to join kahit share sa boat rental para makatipid tayo 🙂 unti lang din po kami 🙂 text me po 09051101714

    2. rowena razo says:

      Hi..this is lagawan travel..we have travel tour on May21-23..please contact if you want to join..thanks.

    3. hazzie says:

      May makita na po kaung ksama nyu sa boat?plan po nmin is may23 to paracale 2d/1n po kme. 2 lng dn po kme

    4. xtian says:

      kame alis kme mmya til 24 🙂

      1. hazzie says:

        Wow!kme din po..ilan kau? Pwde maki join sa bangka? Ahehe

  11. Deej says:

    yung boat rental po ba na 5-7k balikan? thanks po! 😀

  12. Alel says:

    hello! we’re going to calaguas diy trip May 29-30 2d/1n, we’re 8 in our group, baka you want to share sa boat rental.. text me po 09228618409

    1. Gel says:

      Ako i’m alone, can I join your grp? Same date 29-31may. What is ur ETA in Paracale and ETD back to Manila on 31st?

      My number is 09052444359

      –Gel 😊

  13. hi, wer planning to go to calaguas this Aug, pm me or text me sa 0927-2672617 kung want sumama, mas marami, mas makakamura at syempre mas masaya. Open kahet sino. Salamat.

  14. Gel says:

    I am planning to go there alone. Are there groups that, say will be willing to accommodate a solo traveller for the sake of equal division of fees?

    Comments pls. 😊

    1. kailan ka punta?
      sabay k n s amin, text me sa 09272672617. kaso sa august nga lang.

      1. Gel says:

        This weekend na

      2. Joanna says:

        Hi, when po this August yung punta nyo? Plan kasi namin pumunta sa last weekend of Aug and we’re just 3 in our group. Thanks.

  15. Nathan says:

    good day sir kenneth ask ko lng po ung boat fee po b is per way or roundtrip pag vinsons?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Round trip sya Sir.

  16. Melanie says:

    Hi, plan namin magpunta on June 12-14. 3 po kame, baka po pwede kame makihati sa boat. Please contact 0917 871 6199 if ever kelangan nyo pa ng kasama sa boat. Thanks!

  17. mia says:

    hi..ask ko lang…may changes na po ba sa rates ung mga bangka papunta sa island? or 5k to 7k padn ung balikan?? safe ba na kumuha ng package or mag DIY na lang? thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      I don’t know with the rates now but I think it should still be the same.

      If you want a hassle-free experience, go for the package but if you’re into budget travel, DIY 🙂

  18. Mase says:

    Hello! I’m planning to have a DIY Calaguas tour next month. May mga passenger boat po ba from Paracale going to the island? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      There are no passenger boats, you can try to ask groups if they can try to accommodate you but there is no guarantee.

      1. Mase says:

        ahh ok.. my husband & I are planning to go there kasi pero mukang mas ideal sya for groups unless mgbayad kme sa boat..:( thanks Kenneth! 🙂

      2. Kenneth says:

        Yes, very ideal if you go in groups. Much cheaper po kasi siya. If it will only be you and your husband, I suggest for you to look for groups who can accommodate you or try yung package tours.

        You’re welcome Mase.

  19. Hi! I’m planning to go here solo this coming holiday. May mabibilan ba ng lutong pagkain sa mismong isla? 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      There are those who sell lobsters and there are home owners there too who can cook for you. Mahal nga lang siya siguro ng kunti.

      Enjoy Calaguas Ester!

  20. Carizza Alim says:

    Hello guys there Are 8 of us baka gusto nyo sumama long weekend aug 21 22 23 🙂 let me know my details 09275480647 thanks

  21. Jona Jona says:

    Hi is it good to be there on September 1 and 2? Thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      I have no idea with regards to the weather forecast Ms Jona.

    2. Joy de Castro says:

      I planning to visit Calaguas this coming September 15 to 18, you might want to share boat rentals i prepare DIY.


  22. Germy says:

    Anyone here going to Calaguas by October 21-23? I’m planning to go alone and asked some booking offices however they do not accommodate solo backpackers. Can anyone carry me for the boating? Thanks!

  23. Cris says:

    Punta kmi ng nov 19 2015
    Sabay na tayu 4 lang kami hehehe pls txt me po if intrested 09178423825

  24. Hi, yung boat fare na 7000 from paracale. balikan na ba yun? thanks

    1. Kenneth says:

      All boat fares balikan na po sya.

  25. sadiosumasa says:


    1. Ira Lynn says:

      Hi, how much is the rental fee?

  26. Reynald says:

    Hi, is it possible na join nlng kami sa ibang group sa boat pagdating sa paracale? My gf and I are planning kasi this coming Feb, tnx for the response!

    1. Kenneth says:

      You can try but there will be no guarantee.

    2. Mark kelvin says:

      kelan punta nyo sir? Kc punta kami this feb 6 .. And 3 paxs lang kami baka gusto nyo sumabay sa boat para tipid 09985394172 call or text lang po kung interested.. Thnks po and God bless

  27. Ramon says:

    First thanks sa blog so helpful 🙂

    Sino gusto sumabay mag DIY this coming Jan 30,31 and 1? Dalawa lang kame ng GF ko 🙂


    1. 1derwoman says:

      Hi how much boat rental to calaguas? Is that a roundtrip fee?

  28. Dianne says:

    Hi me bbyahe po b ng march dito pa calaguas, im looking for people n pude makasabay kase 4 lang kami, too expensive kasi ung boat. Thanks

    1. ericka says:

      hi, wat date kayo ng march? planning to go there too, kaso solo lang ako.. 😀 maybe i can join your group.. 🙂

    2. ericka says:

      hi, kelan travel period nyo? planning to go there too kaso solo lang ako, maybe i can join your group.. send me email.. tnx..

    3. Arianne says:

      Hi, we are planning to go to calaguas dated march 25 and 26.. 2D & 1n kami .. we are also looking for groups na willing magshare para sa boat rental.. please message me thru fb po.. 4pax lang dn ksi kami. Btw im Arianne sales mera. thnx.

    4. Arianne says:

      Hi , we are planning to go to calaguas dated march 25-26 … we are also looking fo groups na willing to share sa boat rental. 4 pax lang dn kasi kami. Please reach me thru fb arianne sales mera , or txt me please 09468162937.

    5. Arianne says:

      Hi still looking na ka sabay sa boat? We are planning to go din sa calaguas dated march 25-26 4 pax lang dn kasi kami..please pm me on fb or txt me please 09468162937. Thank you

    6. 1derwoman says:

      Hi Diane what date kayo punta? How much ba yung boat rental? (Small boat)

  29. Whiney says:

    Im interested to join you guys. Im doing a DIY trip and I figure out that boat is too expensive. Please let me knka if possible. Thanks-Wine

    1. Luziehhh says:

      Hi.. We’re planning to go Calaguas on April 26-28.. You may want to consider joining us, we’re only two though..:) DIY trip also..

  30. Jhuana Marie Orogo says:

    Hi! How much did it cost per person? You have a wonderful blog btw. 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      For us, it was just 2000php that time.

  31. Hello, good day everyone. is there any groups that we can join for boat rentals? 2 lang po kasi kaming bbyahe. this april po siguro. maybe april 16-17, 2d 1n lang po thank you!

    1. Stef says:

      Hi Janelle I msgd you on fb. Can I join your boat?

    2. Stef says:

      Hi Janelle! I msgd you on fb. Can I join on your boat?

      1. Jared says:

        Hi Stef. I’m interested too.. let me know..

    3. Jared says:

      Hi Janelle, I and my brother and maybe my future wife are planning to go there on April. Those dates are fine though plan sana nmin mga last week ng april at 3d2n pero kung may makakasama kami mas ok sana. Let me know 🙂

      1. Stef says:

        Hi. Kindly send me an email 🙂

      2. Mars says:

        Hi Jared! Nakahanap na kayo ng kasabay sa boat? Plan kase namen magpunta on April 15-17. 3d2n din. 4 lang kame. If ever, can we join your group na lang?

      3. Luziehhh says:

        Hi! Me and my partner is planning to go there on April 26-28.. Tues-Thurs. just in case you’re interested to join us, kindly leave a msg. Thankyou..:)

  32. Arianne says:

    Hi guys me and my friends were looking for groups na pwede ka share sa boat rental. We are planning kasi for DiY trip. We are only 4 pax.. sinong pwede makasabay dated march 25-26? 2 days and 1 nyt kami dun. Please message me thru fb or text me 09468162937 mention nyo regarding sa calaguas.thankyou guys. Sana makapag pa reserve tayo ng boat asap. 🙂

    1. Claudine says:

      Hi Arianne. May kasama na kayo on the 25th?

    2. Honey Leth says:

      hi arianne, shure n kau for mar25-26, kc 24-25 sna kami hanap din kami mkakasama. 09175386219.

  33. Drew says:

    Hi Sir Kenneth! Is there any guarantee na bumyahe kami ng saturday morning? And leave at sunday ng hapon?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Drew, Yes. Let’s say you’ll travel at 5am, you’ll reach Mahabang Buhangin by 5pm. Then you can leave the ff day, yun nga lang d nyo nasulit.

  34. Arianne says:

    Hi please message me 09468162937 baka my plan po kayo pmnta ng calaguas march 25-26 hanap sana kami ka share sa bangka.4 pax lang po kami. I’m arianne

    1. Ann says:

      Hello Arianne. Can we join your group? Dalawa kami ng husband ko. 09258869940

      1. Honey Leth says:

        hi ariann! planning to go mar24-25, 3 lang kami. shure na kau sa 25-26? naghahanap din kami join in eh. thanks 09175386219

    2. Cha says:

      Hello.. Pwede din kami maki-join? 2 lang kami ng husband ko. Mar 25-26

  35. Joan says:

    Anyone here interested. 4 lang kami to calaguas. Mar 4-6 kami. 2d1 n. Fri 8pm alis namin. Baka may gusto pong magjoin. Para mas makatipid tayo. Pm me
    Fb juana kalaw ferrandiz
    Txt me
    09163214688 globe
    09258292371 sun

  36. Rob says:

    Hi, thanks for this guide sir. I would like to ask if there’s like a public boat where the boatman will gonna ask you to pay like a min fare like in Cagbalete. Or, is it always by group? I’m travelling alone this coming months not certain about the month tho.

    1. Kenneth says:

      It is always by group Sir.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience as well 🙂

  37. Aloy says:

    Good day. This is a very good blog. I just wanted to ask if there is any available parking in the towns of paracale and vinzons incase I plan to bring my car.
    Hope for ur instant reply.

    1. Kenneth says:

      There is a space in there for parking. You can contact in advance your boat guide to secure a slot if you want.

  38. Ella says:

    Hi! Do you know if possible na isama na lang kami sa mga group pagdating namin doon? Dalawa lang kasi kami. Or ano options namin? tia

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Ella, You can try your luck or you can also check other groups na pupunta dun then plan na lang kayo together.

  39. Kj says:

    May 14-15 baka merong gusto sumabay sa boat para makamura. 4 lang kasi kami. pls text me and include in your message na you’re texting about calaguas. thank u


  40. Ara says:

    Hi! We are planning to go to Calaguas this April 15-17. Apat lang kame sa group, 1boy, 3girls. Anyone interested to join us? Para makatipid sa boat rentals. 🙂 Thanks!

  41. Ara says:

    Hi! We are planing to go to Calaguas on April 15-17. Apat lang kame sa group. Anyone interested to join us? Para makatipid sa boat rentals. Thanks! 🙂

  42. bubbles says:

    Hi! Plan po namin pumunta sa calaguas on april 12-13, tuesday&wednesday, Meron po ba dito na pwedeng makasabay sa boat? 2 lang po kasi kami. Thanks 🙂

    1. Luziehhh says:

      Hi.. We’re planning to go there on April 26-28.. Weekdays also, tues. and Thurs. if you’re interested to join us po and if possible maresched. Pa kayo..:). Dalawa lang dn kami eh.. Just txt me at 09778217445..thankyou..:)

    2. Trudie says:

      Hi! I’m leaving Manila on the 12th of evening. I might be able to join you. How can I contact you?

    3. Trudie says:

      Hi! I am leaving Manila on the evening of April 12, how do I contact you? I’ll be boarding via Pasay, latest night bus. But I’m traveling back to Manila on the 17th.

    4. Trudie says:

      Hi! I’m going there on the same arrival date! How do I contact you.

    5. Luziehhh says:

      Hi again bubbles! Can I ask you favor? If ever po matuloy kayo on Tuesday, please txt me the info nman po for boat transfer, or package na makukuha nyo.. Here’s my no. 09989602479.. I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. 🙂

  43. Tin Calud says:

    Hi sir, may updated number po ba kayo ni Ernie? Unattended na kasi yung number na nakapost.. Tapos yung LGU daw po 120 na entrance fee nila?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Tin! Unfortunately, yan lang yung number na meron ako ni Sir Ernie.

  44. Jeremy says:

    Mabuhay! we are planning to go to Calaguas on Apr 29 -May 1 (3d/2n). We are looking for a group n pwede makasabay anywhere ☺. 2pax lang kami.

    1. Mars says:

      Hi! Pwede nyo ba move yung travel date nyo to April 15-17? If ever, sama na lang kayo samen. 4 lang kame. 🙂

  45. karen says:

    Hi! Anyone who wants to join us? 2 lang kami both girls. Punta kami on April 29 – May 1. We can share the boat. If interested kayo please message me at 09175389635. Thanks!

    1. Mars says:

      Hi karen! Kaya niyo ba i move yung travel date niyo to April 15-17? If ever, sama na lang kayo samen. 4 lang kase kame. Thanks!

      1. Manes says:

        Hi Mars! I’m searching kung sino pupunta ng 13-14 and sayang kase 15 pa pala kayo.

  46. Alexis :) says:

    Wow! nice blog. I have a question , we are planing to visit this breathtaking paradise of CamSur though we have a minimal problem since we will be travelling to CamSur after shift that’s 8:00 am. I know that the estimated time of travel would be 8-12 hrs so we may roughly reach the place afternoon or worst comes to worst evening . Is there any way that we could stay overnight near calaguas island ? Thanks 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Alexis, If you have your tents with you, you can stay near the docking area. If you already have a guide / boatman, you can contact them and tell them of your plans.

      1. Alexis :) says:

        Apparently we won’t be able to bring any of it. I’m thinking if we could just stay in daet or paracale if possible. Do you have any contact person / lodge to stay at? sorry i have a lot of questions 🙂

  47. Mars says:

    Hi! Anyone interested to join us on April 15-17? 4 lang kame.

  48. Manes says:

    We are leaving tomorrow april 13 at 9pm. Who wants to join po para malessen yung fair sa boat? Contact me 09352630335

  49. Manes says:

    Hi! We are leaving tomorrow April 13 at 9pm. Who wants to join sa boat para malessen yung fee sa boat

  50. Manes says:

    Who wants to join tomorrow morning at the boat? Text me at 09352630335

  51. Irish says:

    We’re planning to go on May 3-5 who wants to join? 2 pax lang po kami. For those who are interested please contact me-09069653708/ 09328858448 Thanks 🙂

  52. Zed says:

    Hi, my friends and I are planning to go to Calaguas on April 29 (9pm via bus from Manila) to May 2. Who wants to travel with us? 3 palang kasi kami. For those interested, please text me lang po 09176235652.

  53. Hi Sir Kenneth,

    Your blog says: Boat fare from Vinzons: 500 per head, Is it back and fort ride or just one ride?
    Thanks! 🙂 Nice blog BTW! 🙂

    1. Kenneth says:

      Back and forth na po kaso the fare isn’t updated. As far as I know, nagmahal na po sila 😦

  54. Christopher Galinggana says:

    will there be any boats travelling between may 15 to 17? wala kasi available na ganyang sched sa mga packaged tours. tia.

    1. Kenneth says:

      You can look here for those who may have schedule that day and join them nlg po.

  55. frank says:

    paracale to mahabang buhangin, vice versa – Php7000 per head?

    1. Kenneth says:

      No. Whole boat rental but that was during the time we went.

  56. Sosain says:

    Hi guys! Who’s interested to join us on May 12-13 (thursday-friday)?

    1. Ar-emm says:

      Hi can we join ur group? 2 lang kami ng friend ko.

      1. Cha says:

        Hi. May kasama na po ba kayo sa boat? And overnight stay lang po kayo?

      2. Sosain says:

        Hi, please send me an email at thanks!

  57. Sosain-May Soriano says:

    Hi guys! Who’s interested to join us on May 12-13 (thursday-friday)?

  58. Monching says:

    Hi, anyone interested to join us on June 3-4 (friday-saturday). We are 5 in our group.

  59. Monching says:

    Anyone interested of joining us on June 3-4 (friday-saturday). We’re 5 in our group.

  60. Luisa Paula B. Yrigan says:

    Contact me @0915-943-9120, I can arrange/organize your Calaguas trip & other destinations for affordable price. 🙂

  61. avie2010 says:

    hi guys!

    will be going to calaguas on october 15-16. its a diy trip, overnight stay. we are 4 pax, all girls. who wanna join us to split with the cost?

    1. don says:

      hi avie2010!

      will be going to calaguas on oct 15 via vinzons, diy trip as well. 4 pax, 3 female, 1 male. however, our eta in daet is at 12-1pm on oct 15 (will depart cubao terminal at 3am on oct 15).

      could you wait?

    2. hi arvi2010!

      we will be going to calaguas also via vinzons on oct 15-16, diy, 4 pax. we will depart cubao at 3am on oct 15 so our eta in daet is at about 11am to 1pm. how about you?

  62. hello. anyone here who is planning to go to calaguas? alis kami Oct 8 (Saturday Night) and ETA sa paracale port mga 9 am or earlier. 2 lang kami and we wanted na makalessen ng boat rental fee papunta. you can contact us @ 0933-460-6035

  63. don says:

    hi kenneth!

    how much does renting cooking wares and stove cost?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Hi Don, we brought ours when we went there. I have no idea with the fee, but pwede kayong magpaluto dun.

  64. Sir kenneth kamuxta po kayo….c ernie po ito ng paracale… marami maraming salamat po sa tulong nyo dahil nilagay nyo contact q para sa boat rental…

    1. Kenneth says:

      You’re welcome po Kuya.

  65. Ask q po pla kung napasyal pa kau ng calaguas? If ever pumasyal po kau with ure guess bigyan q po kau ng promo sa boat rental…ingat po sir kenneth and GODbless po

    1. Kenneth says:

      Thank you Kuya Ernie.

  66. Hello sir kenneth….permission to post
    ERNIE OSILLO, 09486793920
    KUYA JACK, 09303829656
    ATE BEBE, 09471109451
    JENELYN, 09468919996, 09186268547
    or You can contact to my fb account @ ernjace escandor osillo

    Thanks much and GODbless…

    1. Kenneth says:

      You’re welcome po.

  67. Irish says:

    Permission to post po!

    We’re offering tour packages for Calaguas Islands! With great foods, very accomodating and nice staffs, & most especially safe boats with MARINA accredited! Kindly contact us at 09473411084/09369799543 or you may reach us also at

    Boat rental and safe pay parking space just infront of Paracale port are also available.
    Thank you

  68. Calaguas Tour says:

    Permission to post po!

    We’re offering tour packages for Calaguas Islands! With great foods, very accomodating and nice staffs, & most especially safe boats with MARINA accredited! Kindly contact us at 09473411084/09369799543 or you may reach us also at

    Boat rental and safe pay parking space just infront of Paracale port are available.
    Thank you

  69. Neal says:

    Hi Kuya Ernie. Same parin ba yung price ng boat ride nyo as stated sa taas? 🙂 Dream po naming ng GF ko na makapunta ng calaguas kaso d namin kaya yung mga price ng tour package tsaka ayaw namin yung nililimit yung time namin 🙂 Good thing na nakita ko tong blog na to and nakita ko yung contact mu 🙂 Nag text po ako sa number mu (waiting for your response) sana po maka mura kami and we are willing to join other groups para makatipid. Plan date: within May 25-28, 2017.

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